Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Here's the update on Ainsley's appointment, she tested negative for Cystic Fibrosis for which we are very happy. We still don't know why she isn't gaining weight, so they have put her on a high calorie diet, usually a baby eats about 700 calories per day so they've increased her calorie intake to 800-900 calories per day. I am having to put olive oil or butter in all her foods, and feeding her all the good stuff we usually need to stay away from, so she's loving every minute of this. Hopefully we'll start to see some improvement in her weight soon. The next step is a doctor's visit in a couple of weeks to see where we go from here, most likely we will have to do a scope down her throat to see if there is any inflammation in her intestines. I'm not really looking forward to that one. So anyways she's doing really well other wise. We have had some crazy weather here, a couple weekends ago it snowed and in one day it rained, hailed and snowed in a matter of fifteen minutes very odd for this AZ girl. We've had a handful of sunny days that we take full advantage of when we get them. Ash and Prestin like to play catch and hit the ball around out back on those days and Tatum loves to jump rope. The girls also like to catch butterflies, that seem to be everywhere when the sun is out .

We've had some interesting visitors as well, you remember the spider, well I found it's twin brother the other day on my front porch and made quite a scene screaming and throwing rocks at it. Finally got it! Then we found this beauty the other day on our fence, that's Avery's hand next to it by the way.
Which took a little coaxing, but you can see how huge it is. Ash's cousin Crystal, her husband Jason, and there daughter Hannah came by for dinner while they were in town. It was awesome to get to see their sweet family. Their little girl was quite the cutie pie, she loves to give hugs and have her picture taken. And all the kids got along great together, that's one of the things I miss is not being able to get all the cousins together. We were also invited to celebrate passover with Israel and his family, an old friend of Ash's from grade school. It was an awesome experience and the Slobodkin's were so warm and gracious to our family, thank you for your hospitality. We hope to do it again next year.
Prestin has three loose teeth that are about to fall out any day now, I wish they would so I wouldn't have to see him doing this all day long, plus you can hear it when he wiggles them it's really gross.Yesterday was Ash's birthday, we celebrated with chicken and dumplings, which Tatum called chicken and dunglings. Hopefully not a reference to my cooking(ha ha) and had brownies for dessert, which are Ash's favorite. All in all a very nice evening, nice and relaxed like we like it. Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!

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