Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things are going well

Well the kids have been in school for a couple weeks now and things are going really well. Prestin ended up being changed from Mrs. Haight's class to Mrs. Pennington's class, because they had so many students enroll this year. They actually had to hire Mrs. Pennington because they needed to make another first grade class. Tatum has Mrs. Berry and is in P.M. Kindergarten. She takes the bus to school, they pick her up right in front of the house. She likes riding the bus a lot. These are pics of them on their first day of school.Prestin wasn't really interested in getting his picture taken, but as you can see Tatum is not shy at all.

We also celebrated Avery's fourth birthday last weekend, we just had a family dinner and cake. It was really nice, she's growing up so fast. Thank you to everyone who sent gifts and cards!
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