Monday, December 19, 2011

This is important

I have been out of the Blog World loop for about a month now.  We have been extremely busy with holidays, having family in town and busting our butts with adoption stuff.  Getting ready to send some BIG stuff out for Sergey.  Important stuff, the kind of stuff that has caused me to find at least five new gray hairs daily!  We need your prayers right now.  I am not allowed to talk about it but just know we are fighting tooth and nail for our boy and we need you to storm Heaven's gates for us with your prayers!

As I was looking around Blog land I noticed that a lot of blogs were spreading the word for a little boy named Xander.  Jeannett, the one who is hosting this fundraiser was the one who introduced me to Reece's Rainbow last Christmas in which we eventually found Sergey.  I cannot in good conscience pass by this sweet little boy and not spread the word that he needs a family!!!  Like right now!!!  There is an amazing amount of things you could win by just spreading the word for this sweet boy, although a donation would be nice too:)   Click on his picture to read all about his story.

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