Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gives me chills!

So I went down stairs the other night and turned on the kitchen light to find this...
It is not a fake spider this is the real thing. I contemplated for a while on what to do, because it was near the ceiling, I didn't want it falling on me(blblbabla). That by the way is the sound I just made as chills just went down my spine as I was reminded of what it felt like, I have no idea how to spell it. So anyways I decided to wake Ash up a little after midnight, because I was just to afraid to kill it myself. I told him there was a tarantula downstairs and he needed to kill it for me. By the way I know it's not a tarantula, but that's what it felt like. On a side note I like to say the word tarantula, it's fun you should try it. So anyways back to the story Ash came down in a sleepy stuper and I was hoping that I was right about how big the spider was so that he would'nt be upset that I woke him up. And I was pleasantly surprised when a shocked look came across his face when he saw it. He stood there for a minute or two, and then got the vacuum cleaner hose and sucked it right up. It was so big he felt a thump when it went inside the vacuum cleaner. We have one of those Dyson vacuums with a clear container so you can see everything inside. It was a huge, black ball with legs, but it was dead and we could sleep sound knowing that. Except we both still had the chills and dreamt about spiders all night long. By the way next time any of you talk to Ash, ask him about the cockroach story. It's funnier when he tells it! By the way the amazing pics of the tulip fields and Prestin flying the kite were shot by Ash. He has an awesome way of capturing special moments! It makes the creative process of scrapbooking so much easier.

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  1. Oh! I hated those spiders when I lived up there!! Glad I haven't seen one since we left! ha ha


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