Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

I love you and wish you a very happy birthday. Love Danielle

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Erin!

Hope your day is a happy one! Love Danielle

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow I'm really on a roll with another blog in two days, that hasn't happened in a long time. So these are some pics of the kids dying eggsSorry this pic is kind of blurry
Erin and Stephen came up for a visit, we went to Laconner and the Seattle Zoo. We had a really nice visit with them and the kids had an absolute blast!
There was a little parade going on at Laconner so we stopped to watch.Aunt Erin and Uncle Stephen bought the kids candy everywhere we went(thanks guys). It was too cold for the tulips unfortunately, so that was kind of a bummer. But we went to the Seattle Zoo which was a lot of fun and the kids loved it. This is what we saw right when we came in The kids playing in little huts We saw some gorillas and they were right next to the glass, there was a little baby laying down next to it's mama.This one was taking some hay to go make a bed.Gorillas are pretty gross, I won't share the details.

Cutie pie
Mom take a picture of me

Take another one

Now like this


Look at Madi in this pic, that just captures her personality perfectly. Mom wants a nice picture and that's what she does. She is so much fun!
Watching a baby giraffe cross
Just in case you didn't know what an elephant's butt looked like

A very nervous Avery

A very prego mama

A bald eagle next to it's nest

This child is not camera shy

Prestin's favorite animal to see was the Komodo Dragon
Of course Madi wanted a picture too

My little turtles
This was the kids five minutes after we left the parking lot, definitely a full day.
So that's it for the pics of their visit, we miss you guys all ready and hope the next visit will be sooner than later. We love you guys and thank you for your generosity.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So we've been super busy the last few weeks, as you know I had sick kids for about a week, then the next week we were off to sunny AZ for Ash's business trip. Where we got to spend a little time with a few family and friends. We are sorry we didn't get to see all of you but time did not permit and we were on a pretty tight schedule. These pics are of our friends, Ed and Aimee and their kiddos. Edwin and Tycen at churchAimee with the twins Jet and JaxAsh hanging out with Jet
Little Jax
Tycen showing off his muscles with powdered donuts all over his face
Good friends
We also got to show up and surprise Ash's Grandma Eva on her 70th birthday party!

Our sweet nieces Abby and Emily and their beautiful mom, Trish.
Sweet little Emily

This is our nephew Caleb and our niece Abby(cousins)
Our nephew, RylandOur niece AdrianaAll completely wonderful kids, we miss them so much and wish that our kids could be playing with all their cousins.

Part of the business trip required that we go to a Mariner's training game at the Peoria Sports Complex, the whole trip was a blast just full of barbeques, dinners and games. We had so much fun, it made us more homesick than ever that's for sure.Not the best picture, but hey it's memoriesWe loved AZ but we were so glad to come home to our kids, there was a week of school with parent/teacher conferences followed by spring break the next week. Which wasn't very springy if you get my drift. Lots of rain, which meant I needed to find things to occupy the kids. So we loaded up and went to Michael's and got a bunch of crafts to last us through the week. I got these miniature scrapbook kits on clearance that came with everything you needed inside, some spring foam crafts for Easter, and some other little doo dads. The kids had a blast with all of them!And yes that's a lightning bolt that Ash colored on the side of Prestin's head
We even made some spring cupcakes and I got to use my new cupcake holder for the first time, thanks Jen I love it! I kind of have an obsession with cupckes to go along with my my polka dot obsession. Pretty much anything with a cupcake on it makes me happy, clothes, art, you name it I love it!Madi's birthday was also during that week, we had something going on almost everday and weekend so we weren't able to fit in a big party for her so we had a simple family one at home. She wanted a Dora birthday cake
I love this picture
Madi with her sprinkle beauty markI can't believe my little girl is three all ready.

So it's definitely been very busy around here lately, but there's still more to come. We had a visit from Erin and Stephen for about a week and a half, there's Easter, and before and after pictures of our front yard! It's been busy and this pregnant lady is tired. But thank the Lord the sun has been out and summer is on it's way! As well as our little baby girl, I can't wait!
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