Monday, June 21, 2010

Wow it has been far too long, thank you so much for sticking with this blog if anyone still reads it. We are all doing really well, except for my computer, again I am hijacking Ash's laptop because my computer won't let me log in to any of my personal accounts(ex. email, facebook, blog). I actually managed one time to get on to my blog and was so excited only to find out it wouldn't allow me to post any pictures. So this won't be a very visual blog for a while, but I see hope in the near future regarding my computer situation so please be patient with me. To catch you up on events here at the Farley household I recently went on an awesome trip to The Farm Chick's Show and had so much fun! I was like a kid in a candy store:) Tatum lost a tooth, Ash turned 30 in May, I had a wonderful Mother's Day, me and Ash also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in May, woo hoo! Avery graduated from preschool, Tatum and Prestin just got out of school on Thursday with wonderful report cards I might add, I was most proud of the teacher's comments regarding their character and today we celebrated a very special guy! Happy Father's Day Ash you are such a blessing to us!

Going into this summer we will be very busy, we have a couple weddings this summer and Ash is a groomsman for one of them, VBS is in a couple weeks, I am in charge of crafts this year. Please pray for me it's my first time being a lead teacher for VBS and I want to do a really good job. Ainsley is turning three on the 30th and then Sadie will be one on July 19th, man that flew by! Then camp is in July as well, where Ash will be going as a counselor. Then right after that we have Prestin who will be turning nine and I will be turning the big 3 0 in August. Add in a few barbeques, playdates and birthday parties for friends and you have one full calendar. And on top of all that we have had a very heavy weight on our shoulders, I have asked for prayer for a while now and I thank you for those prayers. We have been contemplating a move back to AZ for a few months now, it all happened on our way back home from a recent visit to AZ to see family. We both thought that maybe we should move back to AZ but wanted God's will above all else. A few days later when Ash returned back to work he was asked whether he would ever want to move back to AZ, it was a complete surprise. From then on it seems as though doors have been opening for us through Ash's job. Although it seems that this might be the path God has laid out for us we are unsure and torn with what to do, we still don't have a complete peace about it and don't want to act according to our wants and desires. Which as of late those wants and desires have become very hazy for us. We don't know all the specifics regarding when we would be moving, we do know however that it would be in the fall and that we would be moving to Flagstaff. We would be about two hours from family and friends back home and it would be nice to be able to get together more often than we do now. But I must admit there is a tugging in our hearts whether it is the right move for us. While we dislike the gray weather very much here in Washington we have made some wonderful friends that we have come to call family and a church that is like a second home to us. We have been challenged and grown in our walks with the Lord and looking back on our time here I have not regretted one thing about this three year adventure! It has all been a wonderful experience that has helped me to find out more about myself than ever before and I thank God for this time. So with that said we have been praying that God would help us to know what to do, while doors have been opening should we be walking through them or shutting them? Is this season of being in Washington over for us, is it time to go back? Have we accomplished or even figured out why the Lord may have brought us here? And if not are we leaving with unfinished business? These and many more are the questions we have been asking ourselves a lot lately and it's heavy stuff for us right now. And now that you know the specifics we ask that you would continue to pray for us. I didn't share before because of all the wishy washiness(yes that is a word in my vocabulary) of the situation, and it's hard to be asked for details when you are waiting on the Lord to give you those answers and He hasn't revealed them in their entirety yet. I am sure their will be more twists and turns to this story and I thank you for all the support that we have gotten along the way.
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