Thursday, October 22, 2009

More funny things

So I had just got home from the store and was having the kids help me put stuff away, when Madi came over to tattle on Ainsley for getting into something she shouldn't have. This would be my new foundation that I just bought, making a point to capture moments in the midst of anger is definitely a good thing. It makes you see the humor in situations instead of focusing on the bad and calms me down quicker. I'll have to keep that camera around my neck for it to work effectively all day(sigh);) And this next pic, Ash had found outside on the swingset a couple months ago.
This picture makes it hard to read, these are the official Lava Monster Rules written by Prestin Farley.

Lova Monster stay on the gass(grass)evryone else runs away sit on a swing clim on the later(latter)to stay safe if the Lova Monster tags you your it.

Too funny! We got free movie tickets to go see "Paranormal Activity" tonight. I'm so excited, I love scary movies! I'll let you know how it was.

Decorations for Fall

Here's just some stuff that I've done around the house for Fall.
Notice the little black frame and the silver frame. I got them at a garage sale, the black one was a $1.00 and the silver one was only .25 cents. The little roll top desk they're on was only $15.00 and I'm in the process of painting it black. I love garage sales!!

And yes the white frame on top of the cabinet still has the original picture in it from when I bought it. I actually have a couple frames like that, and I get made fun of often.

Here's my pumpkins!!
A little hard to see, a cool looking spiderweb out back.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Funny things

So I'm doing this more for myself than anything, I want to record these memories before I forget. But I thought you might enjoy these funny things my kids say as well. This conversation happened last week, we had been talking about a friend of ours who had some chickens that were killed by a coyote(very sad).

Madi: I don't want to go over there because the wolves(Madi calls coyotes wolves) might eat me because we're made out of meat!

Avery: We're not made out of meat, that's silly Madi we're made out of chicken!

The same day Madi was talking about Heaven and Hell.

Madi: I don't want to go to Hell Mommy! When I die am I gonna go to Heaven?

Mommy: Yes

Madi: (Long pause while contemplating) Mommy I don't want to go to Heaven I want to go to Chuck E. Cheese!
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