Friday, March 21, 2008

Little Ainsley Bird

Well we haven't fallen off the face of the earth if you were wondering. We have been going through a little ordeal with Ainsley though, which has kept me occupied. About three weeks ago Ainsley's skin color changed to a yellow/orange color and I have been noticing for the past couple of months that she has seemed pretty petite, not at all like the others. So when other people started commenting on it I knew I needed to take her to the doctor. And it turns out that she hasn't gained any weight since her six month doctor's appt.(and this kid eats like a horse) and she's going to be nine months in only a few days. She is 15lbs., her weight has plateaued, while her height has continued peaking in the 90th percentile. She's very small but not sickly looking, but we need to find out what's going on pretty soon. We have had every test imaginable taken(blood, urine, stool, ultrasound,kidney specialist)and everything has come back absolutely normal. They cannot figure out what's wrong(they call it failure to thrive) our next step is a GI specialist on April 24th. Hopefully that's where we'll find our answers. But we would appreciate your prayers. While we hope nothing is wrong we would also like to know what is causing this so that we can get her the appropriate treatment. Me and Ash are doing very well, concerned of course for our baby girl, but we have a peace that God's in control and that all the glory is going to go to Him in this situation. I will post what is going on with the rest of the Farley clan in a few days. We love you all!
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