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  1. Hello, my name is Ashley Yoon

    I came across your site and wanted to ask you to join with me in asking SOS children's villages set up loving homes for the neglected children with disabilites of Eastern Europe. Here is my email to them:

    "I have learned of the horrible fates of the unwanted and unloved children with disabilities living within institutions in Romania and Bulgaria that had been transferred from orphanages (not such a great thing itself) into unimaginable conditions. While researching on any and all possible ways I could help, I came across the wonderful work that SOS children's villages does for orphaned children worldwide. I want to support SOS in all that they do, but I want to suggest that several children's villages be built in Eastern Europe, specifically for disabled children who are suffering in adult mental institutions. These children as young as the age of 5 have no hope of being adopted or having a loving family to comfort them; they are housed away in conditions worse than animals, having little human interaction or care. I am heart broken knowing that everyday, children are dying thinking they didn't matter, and I beg that SOS step in immediately to save these children. I have begun working with local churches in my area to find ways that we can support this idea and make a dream into reality for children who otherwise have no future. Their little lives would change dramatically if they were given the chance of a loving, caring family such as the ones SOS sets up. Please consider."

    Please consider spreading the word on your site and emailing SOS asking them to get these children into a loving family enviroment that they deserve.


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