Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a Girl!

So we found out on Monday that we're going to have another sweet baby girl and we're very excited! Prestin is also doing well with the news. We have been very busy the last month and a half and my computer has given me a little trouble when I've tried to post. So hopefully this one will go through, I'm crossing my fingers. We have just recently all gotten over a stomach virus, boy was that fun. Madi got it first, then the other four all got it on the same night so I was running from room to room all night. Then I got it the next night, Ash has slipped under its radar somehow. Here's a pic of my little sickiesTatum also had a birthday in February, she turned six. She loves Hello Kitty so she took cupcakes to her class and then me and her made a cake at home for her party. She put the candy on the face all by herself.We had a small party at our house and she had a little slumber party that night.She has also lost two teeth
We've had lots of weird weather here, one day it snows the next it's sunny but freezing, or raining.We just recently got back from a business trip to Arizona provided by Dreyers. It was awesome, it was the first trip(without kids) that we've had since our honeymoon nine years ago. It was great and has made us more homesick than ever. The weather was beautiful and the whole trip was full of fun things to do like barbecues, baseball games and a few free days that we were able to do things for ourselves. I'll post those pics on the next post as well as Madi's birthday, she turns three on the 29th. Keep us in your prayers and any help with girl names is appreciated.
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