Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting crafty

So I know Christmas is over but I didn't even start these until a few days after Christmas. I guess I'm just not ready to let Christmas go yet. As I was taking down all our Christmas decorations I started organizing them for next year. There were a few ornaments that I didn't use this year because of the color scheme I chose, and I hate to waste anything. So I decided to give them a facelift, I regret not taking before pictures for some of them but I think you'll get the idea. I'm also working on some other crafts that aren't quite finished so there will be a few more Christmas crafts coming your way very soon.

Before: I had dropped this guy and broke his nose our first Christmas and haven't used him since, the stars were yellow and he had this ugly tree glued to him

After: So I painted the stars blue, added glitter and a silver pipe cleaner around his neck, took off the ugly tree and he got a nose job with some orange paint..

These guys all got facelifts as well. I painted all their noses the same color orange to match the other guy. The stars on the snowmen used to be painted yellow, so I painted them blue and added glitter, the trees got flocked with some white paint and glitter, and the guy in the middle is very happy to be reunited with his brothers.

This last guy was a little more rustic, you can kind of see on his face what color he used to be.

So I painted him white, repainted the buttons, face and stars, added glitter(because glitter makes everything better)and gave him a cute little scarf. Doesn't he look happy?

This last project was a lot of fun, I've been wanting glitter houses for some time now, my Grandma Caggiano had a set made into ornaments by her mother for a wedding present,(my grandparents got married on Christmas Eve my grandpa carried her and a christmas tree through the doorway on their honeymoon because she couldn't wake up Christmas morning without a Christmas tree I guess that's where my obsession for Christmas trees comes'd love to have those ornaments someday. Over the years they have become really popular and have gotten very expensive. Here are some examples of ones that I would love to have but could never justify buying, all of these are well over $60.00.

I bought this at the grocery store at an after Christmas sale for a little over $3.00. It was cute but I saw that it had more potential.

And here's the afterSorry my picture is kind of fuzzy, I now completely understand why these houses cost so much. The time it takes to paint and add all the details is very time consuming. Not to mention I didn't even make the house itself. I've tried to make these houses from scratch before and I just didn't have the patience. I think it turned out pretty cute. I just need to cut a hole in the back so I can put a light inside. I'm working on another one right now but I have run out of glitter, so it's on hold until I can get some more. I'll post pics as soon as I can, it's adorable.
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