Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Garden

When we heard that we were going to be moving up to Washington the one thing I was excited for was to have a garden. Not that I couldn't have had one in Arizona, but there's just some things that can't grow there because of the heat. So Mother's Day 2007 Ash and the kids bought me my first plants to start my new garden. And slowly but surely, it has been evolving. The winter has been long here but things are starting to bloom and fill out. It's been an exciting process and the kids are starting to get involved as well, which I really love! This past week we put in a kitchen garden, it was so much fun. So here's some photos, I'll post more as things start to grow bigger.
This is a pic of my Mother's Day garden
This pic is of my birdhouse that I have had forever and what an awesome job my genius husband did making the stand for it. I think it looks perfect! And if you look on the ground you can see my little rock pets the kids made me for Mother's Day this year, they're so cute. Thanks for the idea Erin.
My rock pets in their happy home
These are pics of our kitchen garden, we're growing two kinds of tomatoes, two kinds of peppers, strawberries, potatoes, carving pumpkins and "wee be little" pumpkins(so cute),sunflowers,and cantaloupe(we actually planted them last year, but as I was planting the other plants I dug up a couple seedlings, so I just put them back). So it will be fun to harvest. If only I had more land...
The green bushes behind our fence are blackberry bushes, they grow wild out here. So we'll definitely be picking those for pies this year!


  1. The lady bugs look very happy in their new home! :) Love the whole garden! Love ya, DaniLou!

  2. I love your garden and the lady bugs. Do they have names yet? ha ha
    I'm so happy for you. I miss the kids so much. Give them a hug for me. Keep the picturs coming. It helps us be a part of you guys when you're away wah! wah! wah!
    love you guys!
    nana giarrusso


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