Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pillows for Davis!

I have a sweet friend, Amy is her name:)  I love her blog, her house is so beautiful, but I would have to say her heart is even more so:)  We have become friends through blogging, we have never met but I felt an immediate connection the first time we talked on the phone.  Kind of like catching up with an old friend after not talking for a while.  We have become closer over the last few weeks, you see she to is adopting from Sergey's country.  Actually from the same region as Sergey!  She and her husband were feeling the same call to adopt around the same time we were.  Before we even connected and our friendship even grew we were already growing a connection without the other even knowing.  We have since connected and have been able to encourage and support each other as we go through this emotional roller coaster ride. And we joke about how the first time we ever meet may be in another country getting our boys, wouldn't that be awesome!! Here is her little love, Davis is his name:)

Meg from the blog Whatever and Chrissie Grace have teamed up to surprise Amy with Pillows for Davis!!  Chrissie Grace is offering 25% of ALL pillow sales during the month of June to go to bring Davis home to Amy and her family!  

If you haven't seen the lovely things Chrissie Grace makes you need to head on over to her shop right this minute!  Here is a sneak peak:)

Aren't those adorable?  Chrissie Grace is incredibly talented don't you think?  You need to check out Meg's blog and see the ones she made for her girls, ADORABLE!!!  So head on over to her shop and order a pillow for Father's Day or that next baby shower you're going to.  There are so many possibilities and you'll be giving to a great cause!  You can also click on Davis' button on my sidebar and donate there if you'd like, seriously every little bit helps.  I'm so excited to see how God is going to work through this!!!


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