Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our truck runneth over

We had our Garage/Bake Sale yesterday, it turned out pretty big!  We had donations coming out of our ears and were grateful for every one.  It was amazing to see how the donations all came in, totally orchestrated by God.  Like for instance one of my favorite donation stories was a week ago, last Sunday.  We had gotten home from church and were having a lazy kind of day.  Up until this point we had received a few items from some relatives of a lady at our church.  I had been praying that the Lord would continue to provide for us, but wasn't expecting anything on this quiet Sunday.  I had almost dozed off when I heard the doorbell ring.  Ash got up and answered the door, it was our neighbor from across the street.  He said that he had a bunch of VHS tapes in his garage that he was getting rid of and wanted to know if we wanted any of them.  So Ash took Tatum over to see if she saw anything.  A couple minutes later Ash was back and was telling me how they were moving and were packing a moving truck to take to Goodwill.  We had no idea they were moving, we never saw a "For Sale" sign ever.  Ash told them about our upcoming adoption and sale and they said they would gladly give us there stuff.  So we all got up and started filling our garage with tons and tons of boxes.  It was amazing and totally unexpected, I love how the Lord works everything out.  I must admit I felt heard and loved at that moment knowing that God was and is always listening.   After that the donations kept coming in from everywhere.  Almost all of them were through word of mouth, and mostly all from people I have never met but were so excited to help.  Of course our church body was a HUGE support with donations as well, we would also still be unpacking that truck if it wasn't for their help:)  There was so much stuff!!!  

We rolled into the church parking lot bright and early and were elated that it was a beautiful sunny day.  Which is  rare for Washington, but I believe there are no coincidences with God.  He picked this day for us:)  When I pulled in I noticed that by the front doors of the church was a pile of stuff as tall as I am.  I have no idea who they were from, but it brought a smile to my face.  We immediately got to work unloading stuff, setting up tables and displaying things.  As we were working people driving by saw all the commotion and stopped to look before we even had our signs up, it was great!

The bake sale part was also a tremendous hit!  The goodies were seriously flying off the table, I'm so glad Ash grabbed one of these giant cinnamon rolls.  Seriously, they are as big as dinner plates, we ate part of it for breakfast this morning.  Sooooo good:)

We appreciated our little helpers as well:)

All in all it was a great day and we were able to raise $2,304.15!!!  I think that was a pretty successful day:)  When it was over and we were loading the truck we realized that we were leaving with more stuff than we came with, so we will definitely have to do another sale.  Ash was just telling me how it was like the story in the Bible of the loaves and fishes and he is so right. We definitely filled more than 12 baskets full, try a whole DiGiorno pizza delivery truck!  God definitely answered my prayer above and beyond what I imagined, I'm feeling so grateful for His provision.  We are that much closer to bringing Sergey home!  While we will be doing another sale, my mind is racing on other ideas to raise money.  I'm thinking of doing another blog fundraiser, probably smaller in scale than the last one but still with fun prizes.  What do you think, are you all ready for round two?  If any of you have ideas for me I'd love to hear from you.  And if we do another blog fundraiser what kind of things would you like to win?  I'm all ears and eagerly waiting for your reply:)  I am so thankful for each and every one of you that continue to follow our story and are praying for us and Sergey.  It means so much to me when I read your encouraging comments, thank you from the bottom of my heart:) 

The Farley's 
(missing Sadie in this picture)

And by the way this is what happens when I leave my camera laying around:)


  1. This is AWESOME, I am so happy for you !!!

  2. God is good! I realized the whole time I'm reading this I'm smiling so big! I love the pictures. I wish I could have been up there to help but looking at the pictures you had quite a bit of help. You have a GREAT family at your church and GREAT friends.....What a BLESSING!!!
    Love you guys,
    Mom (Renee)

  3. Now that's a garage sale!
    Someday Sergey is going to look back and see how much you wanted him in all this. What a testimony!

  4. I'd order 2doz of Talley cupcakes &a dozen of those 'giant' cinnamon rolls.

  5. This looks amazing! Maybe when we are there it will be time for your next garage sale and we could help. :) I remember during church camp, to raise money for kids to go, they would do a service auction. People would auction their time or services for others like, a kid would offer up 5 weekends of babysitting and then people would bid. The highest bidder got the service, obviously. Companies could get in on this and it could be a write off for them. You could ask around to see what people in your neighborhood needed done with their homes and then take those requests to the church and companies and the homeowners could bid. Like I could offer up a mural or painting for one room at a minimum of $50. It would probably go up to at least $200. Then the money goes to Sergey and I do the work when I get there in July. I am writing the ideas as they come to me, so if they don't sound good, then disregard them.

    When Stephen got hurt, people were offering all kinds of things and someone even threw him a poker tournament party. There were minimum buy-ins and then if people wanted to get back in after they lost then it would be half. It was fun and people gave more than what was expected.

    You could do a talent show and sell tickets!

    Online you could do a penny auction. Those are amazing. I don't know how you'd get it set up, but people are timed to do an auction. They get 10 secs to bid a penny, but in order to bid they have to pay a penny. It's crazy to watch and it multiplies soooo fast!

    That's all I got for now! Hope you are doing ok. You seem pretty busy. I hope it's still a good time for us to come see you. If it's not please let us know. We do not want to cause any stress during such an important time. I love you! Your gift gets sent our tomorrow, by the way. Teehee! :)

    (For some reason blogger is not recognizing my account) :/


  6. so happy that all your hard work paid off in such a big way!
    y'all look liked you had a little fun too!

  7. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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