Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just shove it!

My friend Jaime will appreciate this title:)  So to finish the homestudy I needed to take pictures of every room in the house so that Sergey's country can make sure our home is suitable and child friendly...I'm guessing.  It boggles my mind that a country who hides these children away in orphanages and mental asylums, and even outdoor sheds in some cases care what my house looks like.  But I obliged because honestly I would do anything for my son.  But I have to tell you what a job this was, I have mentally and physically hit a wall.  After the garage sale my house has been a little chaotic to say the least.  I feel like stuff is everywhere and I have been literally throwing anything and everything away.  So with my homestudy coming to an end I needed to get these pictures to them as soon as I could, but honestly there was no time to clean and make it organized like I would have liked it to be.  After a much needed call from my husband and then from my friend Jaime, the answer to my problem was to just shove it all out of the way!  And that's what I did, for example my laundry was out of control and all over my bedroom floor so after I took the picture of the little girl's room here is where that huge pile went.

And here is my clean laundry room

But here's what it looks like in the hallway, HA!

And here's a lovely shot of the little girl's room on one side

And here's the other side

I actually used these old pics of the girl's room after their beds were built:)

The room is still not decorated so it looks exactly the same minus the new baskets we bought for underneath their beds.

The only room that was completely organized and cleaned was Prestin and Sergey's room.  I have been painting, organizing and cleaning for the past two weeks.  We had moved all the kid's rooms around to make more space.  Here is what the room looked like before.

And here is what it looks like now

I still plan on getting some new bedding and curtains, but for the most part it is done.  I was able to take all of the pictures and email them to my social worker, so we are done!!!  Our meeting is this Friday at 1:00 p.m.  He will hand me our finished homestudy and I will then start getting all of our paperwork apostilled, another silly thing that Sergey's country needs.  Basically when you get your documents notarized it should be a done deal, BUT Sergey's country needs them apostilled.  An apostille is basically a fancy way of saying that an already certified document is certified.  So we're moving right along:)  Thank you Jaime for listening to me and for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading to give me a call, I so needed to hear those encouraging words today:)


  1. Danielle, a girl after my own heart! That is hilarious!Anna

  2. i agree with jaime and ash...
    as they say in the south (not really but it sounded good) "git er done!"

    so proud of you.
    check that off the list and move on.
    one step closer to your boy!

  3. this post made me laugh out loud! Because in one way or another...we've all been there! So happy that your homestudy is done! One step closer!

  4. Haha! I remember we used to clean our rooms like that.

    Mom: "Erin, I can see all the junk under your bed."
    Erin: "Well, then don't look at it."


  5. That is so awesome!! You are so hilarious and I love you!!

  6. that is hysterical.
    and btw.....that is what i did for all my house magazine pics too! :)
    not kidding.

  7. I read your post and I sat and laughed. And I laughed and laughed and laughed so hard I hard laugh tears running down my face. FANTASTIC work!!


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