Monday, May 30, 2011

Only God could write this story.

*So some of you may have seen this post originally posted on May 23, 2011 and then noticed all of a sudden it was gone, well that's because I got a little excited and didn't realize that the Kelley family hadn't told all their family just yet.  I felt so bad, but Jaime was so gracious in letting me know.  They made the announcement this weekend, so it is official!  Enjoy:)

Oh my goodness I had the most wonderful weekend with my Mom.  Lots and lots of good food and talking, a good way to spend the weekend I think:)  Life is good!  So as I'm coming down off the high of the weekend today I'm doing my rounds, checking email, then Facebook and then Reece's Rainbow's "My Family Found Me" page just like I do every day and guess who I saw?

Yep that's Isaac!!  I have been praying for this little boy for a while now and am so happy to see that he is going to be with a loving family.  But I don't want to give myself any credit at all, this is ALL God and it's only a story He could write.  And I think it's important to share it.

Back in February when we were still waiting on God to confirm to us whether or not we were to adopt Sergey I felt I had to do something because the tugging on my heart was so strong and could not be ignored.  I thought if we were not meant to adopt that I could at least pray a child home, so I  had asked to be a prayer warrior through RR.  A day later they sent me this sweet little guys picture and asked me to be committed to praying for him every day until he found a family.  Which I have done like clock work, I did this post on him asking all of you to pray for him as well.

When we committed to Sergey I was overjoyed and still am:), but could not fully let that joy overwhelm me because of the little boy in pink that had completely overtaken my heart and still did not have a family.  While I have only ever seen him from a picture on my screen he is very real to me and in some way I felt like he was my responsibility, how could I knowingly leave him behind.  As I prayed for him I started to think that maybe we should adopt him.  He is in the same region as Sergey and while it's already a lot to to adopt internationally, it's only $8,250.00 to add a second child.  Mere pennies when you consider that you are helping save a life.  I spoke to Ash about adopting him and he said he would pray about it as well.  Weeks went by and I was still praying for God's will regarding V.  Ash and I had a date night and he was the first to bring him up.  He let me know that he was still praying for V.  I admit that I was excited but tried not to presume anything.  After that talk though things changed for me about V., I felt God saying that he wasn't supposed to be ours.  I didn't think I was hearing Him right.  But slowly but surely I just knew in my heart and it was hard for me accept.  He has been God's all along, not mine, and God has had a plan for him from the beginning I just didn't know what it was yet.  Fast forward a couple weeks and we are coming back from dinner and I had to know what Ash's thoughts were, we hadn't talked about V. since our last night out and I was curious.  He was not opposed to adopting him but he wasn't positive that that's what we were supposed to be doing.  I knew in my heart that it was confirmation for what I had been feeling.  I said that maybe I should do another post on him and Ash felt that maybe advocating more for him was the avenue we were to take on his behalf.  I felt horrible, like I was giving up on him and began to cry.  Ash was so great, he just held my hand and let me cry, I could tell that it was hard for him to.  

The next day I sat at my computer, staring at the screen just praying for the right words to write.  I decided to start on Facebook knowing that I am friends with a lot of RR advocates and was hoping they would share his picture.  I admit that I hesitated, I thought because he didn't have an account set up yet that maybe that would hinder his chances.  Then I thought that was silly and shared his link anyways. There were a few comments from people saying that they would be praying for him and a few shared his link on their pages.  But one comment struck me, it was from a lady named Jaime.  We knew the Kelley's from when we had been in the young married's class together back home in AZ.  She had asked in general what the process was for adoption.  I felt butterflies in my stomach, could God be answering my prayer this quickly?  I calmed down a bit and answered her reply and sent her some additional pics of V. that I had.  Jaime and I messaged back and forth, she was smitten for V.!!  I then contacted Danielle, who through Sergey we are now great friends.  She was Sergey's prayer warrior:)  I asked her who I needed to get in contact with to get V. an account.  She said she would check in on it, a little while later she said that she had gotten an account set up for him and that we could pick an Americanized name for him.  I immediately thought to ask Jaime, she knew right away that his name should be Isaac, so Isaac it was!  Over the next two weeks we have talked on the phone almost every day and  have prayed that the Lord would show them if Isaac was supposed to be their son. Jaime also needed confirmation through her husband that God was speaking to his heart as well.   This weekend was HUGE for them spiritually, they prayed and fasted for God to reveal to them His will, and He did!!!  They have been given confirmation in their hearts that this is the path God has for them.  They know that when they look at Isaac they are staring at the face of their son, God knew that Isaac would be their son before the foundation of the earth and he is already so very loved.   I am so excited for the Kelley family and selfishly excited for myself that when we make our trip out to AZ next year that I will get to visit this family, our boys will get to play together and have someone else with whom they share a very special connection in more ways than one.  I will get to hug this little boy who I have prayed and cried over for the last couple of months.  And I will get to rejoice and marvel in the miracle that God has done in his life, the lives of the Kelley family and even in my own life by just being a tiny part of this journey.  It's such a humbling experience.  Please continue to pray for the Kelley family they need our support and encouragement, here is their blog if you would like to follow along on their journey and also donate if you can:)  God is good!

Just seeing what God has done for the Kelley family and Isaac I would like to ask for prayer for another family who is also seeking God's will regarding adoption and could use our support and encouragement as well. I will share more when I am able.   God is doing a work in His people regarding the orphans, it's an exciting thing to see God moving!!!!!


  1. It sounds like God has been speaking to you, dear friend. I am so glad that prayers are being answered!:) Lori

  2. I am so thankful that in many ways God is blessing us to walk this journey together. Thank you for praying for Isaac to find his forever family; I will never forget it. Everything you've done for him and for us truly means more than words could EVER say. Love you girl! I can't wait to hold these sweet boys!!


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