Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are worried about time, but He is concerned with timing.

Oh my goodness how this post spoke to my heart this morning!  Here's a little blip of what Amanda shared...

Our Jesus loves us SO much! His waiting is truly His love for us! How hard this is to believe, but how awesome it is to share in bringing Him glory through our testimonies that are birthed through these hard waiting times. Be comforted knowing that God does love you and SO empathizes with your longings. He'll come through...hold on...

Please go and read the rest of this post, I know it will be a blessing to you as well:)

The title of this post were words of encouragement sent to me via a text from my husband a few weeks ago that I have been holding onto throughout this adoption process.  Love that man!


  1. wow, thank you so much for sharing Amanda's post. so powerful. i actually prayed about/studied in my quiet time/blogged about the same exact thing (not related to adoption, but related to waiting)... read Isaiah 40:28-31. i know it will encourage you.

  2. I'm SO glad to know that the revelation God gave me that night is blessing so many. I was in adoption for 5 years working at an adoption agency and I encouraged and counseled many couples through their waiting seasons...now, I'm in it as well and it's so neat to share this time with so many wonderful people. We so need the support.
    Love, Amanda


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