Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's He calling you to do?

I read this post yesterday from one of my favorite blogs, No Greater Joy Mom.  Adeye is the one who usually writes but this post is from her husband Anthony, and it is so awesome when men take a stand and speak up for 'the least of these'.  His words tell of the very sad and real truth that these children face on a daily basis.  Christians what are we going to do about this?  Let's get a fire started underneath us and ask God what He wants us to do!  Not everyone is called to adopt, but as Christians we are ALL called to help (James 1:27).  This life we are living is not about us, it is about service to others and denying ourselves and glorifying God in everything we do.  We are here to do the Lord's work whatever that may be, it's different for everyone.  If you are not being called to adopt, then GIVE! And I'm not just speaking about our fundraiser, there are so many families in the process of adoption and so very many children that need your help as well, actually 147 million and counting!  This shouldn't be!!! Give of your time, finances, and PRAYER!!!  We are fighting a battle people!!!!  "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual  forces of evil in heavenly realms."  Ephesians 6:12.  This is VERY REAL and we as Christians are turning a blind eye to this growing problem.  And when I say WE I am speaking to myself as well.  It wasn't until December that this fire started in my heart.  I was the one who turned the channel when they would advertise of the needy children in other countries.  I was the one who scrolled past blog buttons asking for prayer for a child in need of a surgery or struggling for their very lives. I was the one who wouldn't watch the news because I didn't want to be effected by all the sadness that's out there.  BUT NO MORE!!!  My heart has been changed and for the better and I have found JOY amidst all the pain.  For those of you women who are feeling called to adopt DO NOT stop praying for your husbands. God will get a hold of their hearts as well, I've heard many stories of how God has worked in their husbands lives, even my own hubby:)  Over at "And Carter makes three" Jake, a new daddy to be, talks about how God worked in his heart.  After saying "no" to his wife's request to adopt he tells how he was moved after seeing a picture of a little boy and knowing without a doubt that he was his son!  Also ladies be mindful of what he says at the end...

I know there are folks out there that may have a resistant husband or family to the idea of adoption or even special needs adoption, but a bit of advice.....pray.  One of the most encouraging things to me was the fact that Ashley prayed and prayed, but never once pushed the issue with me.  She valued my thoughts but knew that if her desires were of God’s design, then I would come around at some point.  She trusted, trusted that God would reveal himself to me a very real way.  He did, and I am grateful.

So I'm gonna step off my soap box now, but I encourage you to really think and pray about what your role is regarding the orphan crisis.  Let God lead you in this, taking that first step is always the scariest but I promise you will never regret it:)


  1. Thank you so much for alluding to my post on, Danielle. The more the word gets out to men of God and grabs their hearts, the more the Holy Spirit has opportunity to change the world through them. You and your blog are a real blessing to the kingdom. Keep writing!

    Anthony Salem


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