Thursday, April 21, 2011

A BIG reminder!

Just a reminder there's only a few more days left of our Dream Big fundraiser!!
So let's go out with a bang!  If anyone who has already donated is willing to re post our fundraiser on their blogs, Facebook or Twitter to get the word out one last time you may add an extra comment for each one on the original fundraiser post!  Thank you so much to ALL of you that have helped us already, you have ALL been such wonderful blessings to us and we appreciate EVERYTHING you have done to help us bring our little boy home!  I know he will appreciate it to:)  God bless!


  1. The little one needs to be with a family that have some money in the bank!!!
    how are you going to raise him if you don't have money???

  2. "Money can't buy me love", is freely given and received. I know way too many people who have money and they are not happy. They give their kids everything, take them everywhere, they are spoiled rotten and do not know how to behave or have any idea of "a position of authority". I work in a Christian Pre-school!!I Cor. 1-13 tells us that out of everything we have given,money,time,resources, if we haven't given love then it is all for naught. I guarantee Ash and Danielle's family has lots of love for little Sergey! (Gramma Anna)

  3. Just donated. God bless.

  4. Just donated. Praying for you and your family.


  5. Just donated. Happy Easter!

  6. saw the link on my favorite blog to follow..."Whatever!" My husband and I were supposed to go to an orientation for foster/adoption tonight, but it's cancelled due to flooding here, so I just happened to have time to read a few blogs. Prayers for it all to work out well!


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