Sunday, April 24, 2011

An answered prayer

Remember this urgent post and how I asked you to pray like crazy for him?  If you'd like to read the beginning of the story you can go here to catch up.  But I'll go ahead and give you the short version.

This is Vanya:)

He had a dream, a dream of being adopted.  Everyday he would ask his caretaker if a family was coming for him and everyday he was told no:(  Could you imagine?  At only eight years old, what disappointment he had to go through  on a daily basis, ugh and such a heavy burden for an eight year old to carry. My heart couldn't bare it.   But there's also something else, this little boy is HIV+ and being an older child on top of that, he had a lot of strikes against him. But our God is good, isn't He:)   Just two weeks ago he was on a list to be transferred to a horrible institution for older children and adults, where once transferred he would never be able to be adopted, EVER!!

In steps Adeye dun dun dun!  Prepared with the full armor of God ready to do battle for the least of these.  She held a fundraiser to raise $15,000.00 to help a family come forward for him and ease the financial stress.  Praying with all her might that a family would come.  She took a risk, she was obedient and she looked at this fierce giant standing before her and asked us to help and pray.  Over 100 items were given to help with this fundraiser and a little over $15,000.00 was raised to completely cover the cost of all his adoption fees. Things were looking great, God was answering our prayers financially, but then it seemed like it all came crashing down when the need for a family was needed in only a few days.  Vanya would soon be transferred.  And it couldn't just be as easy as a family saying that they wanted to adopt him, they had to be home study ready for his country and open to adopting a child who was HIV+. Seems like a lot to ask for...

But not with our God:)

I am happy to say God has answered our prayers for sweet Vanya.  HE HAS A FAMILY!!!!  I giggled and cried all at the same time when I saw this post.  Our God is still a God of miracles.  This all happened in a matter of two weeks, TWO WEEKS people!!!  Two weeks ago this boy was destined for the institution, his dream was about to be crushed.  But oh how the Lord loves the orphans and how He delights in showing His magnificence in His perfect timing.  How exciting that day must have been for him when he asked his caretaker if a family was coming for him, fully expecting to hear another no.  Can you imagine the double take this kid must have done when she said yes, oh it makes me so happy to think about it:)  I am a happy girl tonight and breathing a sigh of relief for sweet Vanya, he will be with his family soon.  But sadly there are still more just like Vanya who are still waiting.

 There's been progress made in educating people about how to care for children who are HIV+.   Project Hopeful has done a great job of answering FAQ and clearing up a lot of myths that tend to hold people back from adopting these children who need a home so badly.   This video is adorable by the way, love the Joe dirt wig:)


  1. Awesome.
    So happy for him this morning!

  2. From James 1:27,
    to Meg's Whatever blog,
    to here :)
    It's a privilege to be able to rejoice and pray. Thank you!

  3. Amazing! Miracles never cease to amaze me. Our God is good!

  4. This is so stinkin exciting danielle! thank you for sharing this with us. nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing is impossible with God... nothing. so, so exciting.


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