Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AZ: Day 5

Day five was more of a relaxed day, my sister had school and Ash was on a two day business trip due to come back that evening. So my bro-in-law Stephen and I took the kids to the playground near their house.
There is tons of playground equipment and my kids decide instead to climb a tree, they are truly monkeys.

Here's Stevie-weevie, he loves it when I call him that:)

Cutie patootie

After we got done at the playground we went back to the house and played with sidewalk chalk. I had the kids lay down and I traced them and then they colored them in.
Here they are with their masterpieces.

Erin came home from school and being the big kid that she is wanted to play too.

Erin was snapping pics of the kids while laying on the ground, they're so silly!

See the guy across the street holding the shovel?

He was guarding this.
We had all watched as this snake slithered up their driveway. All my life growing up in AZ I have never seen a rattlesnake, it was kind of creepy being so close to one. The fire dept. came and took it away.
After that my mom, Stephen and Tyler watched the kiddos so that me and Erin could go shopping, thanks guys!

We ended the day with yummy Macayo's mexican food and this little cutie was for dessert:)

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  1. I enjoyed browsing through day one to five of your Arizona trip. It looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing.


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