Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AZ: Day 4

Madi's birthday fell on this day, so we had a little party for her that turned into a pretty silly night for everyone. My sister picked up a cake and we had my grandparents and brother over to help celebrate. Here Ainsley is having fun trying on my Grandpa's glasses. This was just the beginning of all the silliness to come.
Grandma Cookie and Avery with a cheekful of food, these two have always had a special bond.
Now enters silliness with a food fight between Tyler and Madi. Tyler getting Madi.

The spectators.

Chocolate lip gloss, ooh la la!
Madi getting Tyler.

Look at Ainsley eating from the cake while everyone is distracted.

Tyler strikes back. BOO!
But then Madi tagged in Aunt Erin for a little smackdown!

Tatum was an unfortunate casualty of war.


The night got sillier when my sister was talking about how she should decorate one of the niches in her wall. I suggested we throw a pillow and blanket in it and make it a bed for one of the kids to sleep in. Then I thought that my Grandma, being a petite person, could probably fit in there as well so we told her to try. She was a good sport about it, lol.
The night ended with this sweet moment of Uncle Tyler reading a bedtime story to the kiddos. By the looks of things Madi and Tyler were friends again:)

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