Saturday, April 10, 2010

AZ: Day 3

On Sunday, we met up with Ash's side of the family for a big picnic. It was really great to see everyone. It feels like it's been so long and it doesn't help that all the kids are growing like weeds and you barely recognize them. Life is really to short to be missing out on family, I think something needs to be done about that, hmm:) So anyways, this pic above is of all the cousins, actually I take that back, two were missing and one's still in the oven. We didn't realize it until we saw them a little later that we forgot. Sorry Scherie, in my defense I was just making sure all six of mine made it in the picture:) Which is a miracle in itself and if I can get them all to smile I do a little happy dance, which is quite a sight. But man it's a lot of work. So anyways here's her two cuties in the navy blue and pink t-shirts.
The weather was perfect! And it was such a nice park too. This is a group pic of all the couples, Ash's brother Ryan and his wife Michelle to the left, us in the center, Ash's sister Trish and her husband Matt to the right and Ash's cousin Christa and her husband Donnie at the top. Ash's step sister Scherie and husband Bryce are missing from the photo, again so sorry. You can tell there were a bunch of people taking pics of us because we're all looking in different directions, ha ha. Can you believe from just these four couples came all those kids above, geesh!

The girls with Grandpa Rick.

My niece Adriana and SIL Michelle.

I can't believe how much she's grown, STOP IT!!

After the park we went over to Ash's brother's house to hang out.

The kids wanted to go swimming, CRAZY, the water was freezing! But I remember doing that when I was little too, and they could care less how cold it was, they all had a blast.
Tatum and Cousin Abby

It was so awesome to see everyone. I love that the siblings and spouses are so close, not just because we are related but that we are all truly friends. And I saw that same bond in all the kids as well. Thanks for having us over Ryan and Michelle, Matt and Ryan the food was awesome! Trish and Michelle, I loved catching up with you both,I miss all my sisters:( And to all the kiddos, I could not be more proud of you all.


  1. Family is important and it so nice that you go to see them all. Kendyl had Tatum's swimsuit that she was wearing last year. I loved it!

  2. What a sweet blessing to have such great family. I love seeing all the cousins playing together.
    But don't be getting any *fancy* ideas of moving back..... :)


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