Friday, April 9, 2010

AZ: Day 2

On our second day we met up with our really good friends Edwin and Aimee and their adorable little boys for lunch at McD's, but like the dork that I am I forgot my camera. Sorry guys:(So unfortunately you don't get to see the cute little red headed tykes. But they say they're coming up in July so I promise to do an extra long post of their visit:) After that we went back to my sister's house so that I could attend her Artistry party, it was a lot of fun. Erin did a great job!
Here Erin is pinning a Miss Artistry sash on Michelle. I went to high school with Michelle and it was really nice to see her and catch up. You can't even tell but she is a little over five months pregnant with her second child. Man, some girls just get all the luck. It's just not fair, I swear you can tell I'm pregnant a week after conception lol:) And apparently I still look pregnant according to a little girl at our church who keeps asking me if I'm pregnant. You gotta love kids and their honesty, "from the mouths of babes".

Here's Michelle and her sister Jenny, Jenny and my sister have been best friends since Jr. High. It was crazy to see her all grown up, it was nice to see her again as well.
It was a really fun party, I'm glad I was there. Jamie, if you still read this blog it was really nice to see you as well. I hope all is well:)

After the party we ended the night by eating leftovers from the party, yum, and me and Erin did a little scrapbooking. Good times!

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  1. Artistry, as in the cosmetics and skincare from Amway Global??


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