Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Translation, please!

Any of you who know Ash knows that he will try anything once. Well on this particular day when he was servicing one of his Korean markets he noticed the packaging on this ice cream and thought that it sounded interesting. Not being able to read the writing he asked the clerk and found out that it was corn flavored ice cream. Now only Ash would think that something like this would sound good, although he does make life more interesting because he's willing to try these crazy things. So anyways he brought some home for all of us to try. The outside is like a wafer shaped like corn and inside is corn flavored ice cream(tastes a lot like cold cream corn to me)and in the center is chocolate. I tasted it but couldn't get over the fact that it tasted like corn, but Avery and Prestin couldn't get enough. Tatum wanted nothing to do with it. So if you ever go into those Korean markets try one, but I'll be sticking to my Dreyer's ice cream. Which by the way is the only ice cream you should buy!(hee hee)

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