Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sun, Snakes and Sunburns, oh my!

It's finally summer! We have had the longest winter, I thought the sun would never come out. The weather has finally gotten above 60 degrees here and the sun just came out on Friday. So we've been barbecuing almost everyday, the kids have been going outside to blow bubbles and play in the sprinklersyes this is me in my pajamas, pretty much my wardrobe everyday of the week, take a look at Prestin's face, holy cow mom! Avery and Tatum were being wieners so we had to get them into the action. Before After, she wasn't to happyHere she is a little while later BeforeAfter, either was sheHere she is ten minutes later Little does Tyler know that he'll be paying for this with a bad sunburn for the next couple of days. Actually we both got burned pretty bad. We've been roasting marshmallows on our little outdoor fireplace. This is my most favorite picture of all. It's been wonderful! But when the sun comes out so do the snakes, the guys caught this little guy on Sunday in our backyard.Notice the girls keeping their distance I was really impressed with Tatum and Prestin, they got over their fear really quick and were holding the snake and playing with it. I'm just fine with holding on to my fear of them though, ooh they're creepy. Here's Prestin giving the snake bunny ears, he's such a goober. Here's Tyler being disgusting.Today and yesterday was back to overcast but the sun peeks out every once and awhile. They say that summer doesn't officially start here until after the fourth of July. Which I think I remember that it was more sunny after the holiday, so I can't wait. On the gray days we've been trying to do some crafts to brighten up the day a little. So we bought the brightest paints we could find and some canvases and let the kids go to town. These three Prestin didThis is Tatum's painting of her singing on stageThis is Avery's painting, she's more of a modern art kind of girl.And I should probably be embarrassed for posting these, but I did a couple paintings myself. This one is called "Madi the Monster", pretty self explanatoryAnd this one I was thinking of painting the word "Hoot" on it, but Ash thought "Hoot, poot..." was better, let me know what you think. I used some of my scrapbook paper to make this one, but I think it's cute.I don't know about you, but I think we could sell these babies and retire for life(hee hee). Actually I think we're going to hang them all in their rooms. It was actually a fun project to do. We had a great Father's Day on Sunday, of course you already know about the snake, but we had a softball game at our church for dad's and kids. It was really fun and perfect weather. We also gave Ash all his gifts that morning at breakfast. Here the kids did hand prints on canvases that we'll hang up the stairway.And this is a frame we filled with a pic of Ash and Prestin, a tracing of his hand, a picture drawn by Prestin of both of them camping, and a note written by Prestin telling him that camping is his favorite thing to do with his dad. Here's a closer look.So we had a really nice time and are excited for some more sun, although me and Tyler will be putting on a boat load of sunscreen from now on!



  1. WOW! We are always sooo excited to see news from the Farley's. Of course i loved the artsey fartsey part! We were impressed with ALL of them. Especially yours, Danielle. I love the Owl and the one of Madi is perfect, even the polka dots. Avery's a girl after my own heart! Prestin's are very imaginative and clean. Love the gift from Prestin to Ash. It was awesome! Tatum, we love the sound system in yours, very descriptive. You all look like you are having very fun. We miss all of you and we can't wait for you to come home, Tyler! We love you!
    Stephen and Erin

  2. Danielle, You are just amazing! The artwork is so adorable. You are a great mommy/teacher. We all loved the chicken pockets. Can't wait to see you all. We are very excited!

  3. I love reading about your adorable family. I don't know how you do it. I soooooo want to be like you:)
    I love and miss you!


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