Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Days

So here's what we were doing on Monday. We went to Kayak Point, it was a beautiful day for going to the beach, I have always wanted to live near the beach and now all I have to do is hop in the car drive for twenty minutes and I'm there. Not to mention how beautiful the scenery is on the way there. Oh, I was feeling so homesick during the winter but the summers here more than make up for it. Everyone had a blast, the guys took out their kayaks and were finding giant crabsI was trying to take a picture of me and Ainsley but it's hard to take a picture holding a baby and trying to do it one handed. But this is for you people who have been asking to see more of me in pictures and I have no make up on so give me a breakHere is cutie-patootie Tatum in her new bathing suit, can I just tell you how much I am addicted to polka-dots. LOVE THEM!Aren't they adorable!And here's sweet little Avery
We went with my friend Connie, who the kids affectionately call Aunt Connie and her daughter Caitria. I love these people so much they have become part of our family up here and I don't know what I would do without them. This is Caitria with the girlsBehind where we were sitting was this awesome fort made out of all the driftwood on the beach. The kids loved it of course, and when I say kids I mean Ash too.In the garden everything is starting to bloom, we have our first little strawberries here is my first red one. Actually this isn't my first, Madi went outside the other day and picked the ripe one and ate it. And not even an hour after taking this picture she went out and picked this one and ate it too, geezie pete! So now I'm on strawberry watch. Here's a few pics of things that have been blooming as well. This is my climbing rose, when it first opens it has pink and orange edges, it's so pretty! The purple one is a delphinium, in the back are miniature hollyhocks that I hope will bloom soon, and my orange poppyThis little bee came for a visit and stayed for over a half hour, he really likes it hereMore rosesAvery standing next to one of our sunflowers in her cute little owl pajamasTyler rinsing out his kayak that he got for a gonga deal!
And here's Madi getting the hose and spraying him, she is so awnry. So we are going back to the beach tomorrow because it's supposed to be another beautiful day! I can't wait and I'm sure I'll have more to share. And after that I've got to get busy cleaning my house because we are getting three more visitors on Monday. Ash's mom, sister and step dad are coming for a visit so we are going to have a fuller house than usual. WOW! I'll post again soon.

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  1. thanks alot! i'm going to have the puffiest eyes in the morning from
    crying so much as i look at these pictures. my beautiful daughter, how well you have done raising my grandchildren. i miss you guys so much. what beautiful toes you have hee hee!
    p.s. looking good tyler


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