Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I love it!

Through this blog I have made some very special friends.  One of those friends is Lori over at Morning Glories and Moon flowers, she has been a constant encouragement to me and I so appreciate her!  She has a very sweet and giving heart and recently sent me this necklace.  Sorry for the poor quality of the picture.

It is really special to me just having this sweet little reminder of Sergey:)  I feel like I see matryoshka dolls all over the place now that I have a little connection to the place where they originated.  I can't wait to visit this country and bring my little boy home.

 Lori has the sweetest etsy shop called Too Silly Sisters where she sells these adorable necklaces as well as many other pretty things.  Thank you Lori, I love my necklace!!

I think these would be sweet gifts for anyone adopting from R**sia:)  Go on over and visit her shop, she's got a few listed!

Speaking of Sergey, I thought I would share a BIG surprise that I got yesterday with all of you:)  Are you ready for this?

Isn't he the sweetest thing ever!!!!  Oh my goodness I want to go get him now, only a little bit longer my sweet boy!

*BTW for those of you who asked where the post of Isaac went I needed to take it down for the time being, everything is fine:) I appreciate your concerns and I will share more when I am able, keep the family and Isaac in your prayers!  God is so good!


  1. Love these new pictures!! I just want to give him a big hug! I can only imagine how it makes you feel! Enjoy every photo until you can be with that sweet, precious boy! God is so Good!!

  2. What a sweet necklace. The pictures you shared of little Sergey are even sweeter.

  3. Aw, super sweet necklace!! :) And even sweeter pictures of your little man!!

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!
    he is adorable!
    i can't wait for you to hug and kiss on him. :)


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