Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Boo Face!

Today is Ash's birthday!

I love this guy A Lot!!!

Here's 31 reasons why:)

1.  He loves the Lord with all his heart and soul.

2.  He's the funniest person I know and is always making me laugh.

3.  He stops at the grocery store after a long day at work to get milk, and brings me home a Dr. Pepper and some chocolate:)

4.  He gave me six beautiful children and is about to bless me with a 7th.

5.  He's such a good daddy, seriously it's one of my favorite things to watch him interact with them.  Makes me fall in love with him a little more each time.

6.  His laugh, it's contagious.

7.  He smells soooo GOOD!

8.  He's still a hottie:)

9.  His passion for ministry and his desire to serve the Lord.

10.  His fearlessness in trying new foods.  Seriously he'll try anything once.  ANYTHING!!

11.  His sincere love for his family and friends.

12.  When we pray in service he reaches over and holds my hand.

13.  His adventurous personality.

14.  The fact that he still likes to spend time with me:)

15.  His lingo and funny sayings.

16.  His love for babies.  At church every time I turn around he's holding someone's baby:)  And I'm happy that it has rubbed off on our son.  Prestin is also known for cuddling with the little babies in our church:)

17.  He's so smart.

18.  The fact that he will hide in a spot for over 5 minutes for the perfect scare.  Which me and the kids are often the unfortunate victims.  Actually he doesn't even have to try with me, he could walk around the corner and startle me.  I'm an easy target.  But man you should hear the roaring laughter that follows, he lives for the moment:)

19.  The happiness and laughter he brings to our family.

20.  His thoughtfulness.

21.  The way he tears up when he is speaking to me about our children, he's so proud of them.

22.  He's an excellent problem solver.

23.  He can build anything and you better believe I have a honey do list a mile long for him:)

24.  His sense of style.  He always looks good.

25.  That he has gone with me to watch every single Harry Potter movie when it has come out in theaters even though it's not his favorite.

26.  That he's a better cook than me and that the job is available if he wants it.

27.  He's my voice of reason.

28.  He strives to look at everything in a positive way.

29.  That he still loves me when I'm not lovable at times.

30.  That he takes the time to talk with me after a long day, even when I know he's all talked out.  It means a lot.

31.  That after my salvation in Jesus Christ, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Happy Birthday Ash!!  I love you so very much!


  1. Beautiful picture of you two. Happy Birthday Ash!!

  2. that was lovely! Hope Ash has a great birthday

  3. I love the picture! It's so comforting knowing God had brought such a great husband to care for my daughter and family. Ash is such a GEM!
    Love you guys!
    Mom (Renee)

  4. Brought tears to my eyes! In a day when women are taking every opportunity to tear down their husbands and homes, Danielle, you are building up yours. Thank you for that and may it be a testimony to the rest of us. Happy Mother's Day!Love, Anna

  5. Thanks for sharing this Danielle. It was a blessing to read.

  6. Aw, Danielle, this is such a sweet post!! You guys are lucky (blessed, actually) to have each other! :)


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