Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday

So we got an unexpected blessing yesterday from Sergey's prayer warrior, who by the way is also named Danielle.  You can follow her blog here she has a huge heart for these children and has a beautiful love with designer genes herself.  She messaged me on FB with an urgent message to message her back when I was able to.  I asked her what was up and in literally 2 seconds she sent me this....

It's Sergey!!!!!!  Doesn't he look absolutely beautiful?  And he looks so healthy, that makes this mommy's heart so very happy!!!  I can't thank Danielle enough, but a very special thanks needs to go to a very special 13 year old girl named Madison.  Her parents are adopting a little boy named Josiah who also has Ds, he is absolutely adorable!  Madison messaged Danielle, saying that she knew Sergey's mommy would want to see these pics, Madison you were so very right!!  How she found them I'll never know.  But what a sweet, selfless heart this special girl has.  You can follow her sweet blog here and please go and send her a sweet message:)  I am on cloud 9 right now and cannot stop staring at his sweet face, look at those cheeks!  Oh what a happy day, I have peace in my heart at this very moment.  He looks healthy and happy, thank you God for giving us this HUGE blessing!!!


  1. I'm so happy he is going to have a wonderful family soon :)
    I just had to tell Danielle when I found them!!!
    (do you have the ones from when he is a baby? (some taken the same time as his RR picture))

  2. He looks so healthy! We can't wait until you get to hold him tight. We love you! Thanks for letting us know.

  3. my heart just grew ten times bigger! :)

  4. love got chills reading this..i have been trying to post this for heart is filled with happiness that he will have such a wonderful family...i am with you every step of your journey : )


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