Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A good day

Sunday was such a good family day for us, even though Ash was leaving to go out of town that evening.  That part was sad:(  We had a wonderful time fellowshipping with our church family and hearing God's word preached.  Then on our way home Ash treated us all to lunch at Red Robin, this is a very rare treat indeed to go out as a family to eat.  It's not that our kid's aren't well behaved at restaurants it's just a lot to take on sometimes.  And also the expense of eight people dining out makes these events few and far between, so they are very special to us.  There's more meaning when we do it this way, I don't know how many times our kids said thank you:)

 They were truly appreciative and knew that it was special instead of just expecting that they're going to be taken out.  Now don't get me wrong our kids are not perfect angels all the time, but it was refreshing to see their gratitude for something that is so common now days.  The meal was enjoyable, the kids were happy and well behaved even Sadie sat completely content to color.  I was completely thankful for this day, it may sound silly to the one reading this, but I was very aware at that time how very much I have been blessed.  My husband is a huge blessing from the Lord, I depend on him so much for so many things.  I am grateful for him and his love for me and our children.  He works hard to provide for us and I love that he is sensitive to our family to know when just such a treat is needed.

  I have been given six wonderful blessings, hopefully soon to be seven, and in a world where children are viewed as burdens and financial responsibilities other than what God has intended for them to be,  JOY, REWARDS, BLESSINGS, it makes my heart sick.

  I can't wait to bring Sergey home to be apart of our family. I'm completely in love with him and my heart aches that he is so far away and I have no idea what is going on in his life.  Is there someone holding him, giving him hugs and kisses (I doubt it), making sure he's had enough to eat and drink?

 My prayer for him has been that someone would come into that orphanage and love on him, that he would know what love is.  Yes this will make it harder for us when we come to get him, he would be bonded to someone already and it would be hard on us and him to separate from that person.

  So again while this is my prayer for him and yes it would be hard on us, this journey that we are on has never been about us, first and foremost it is about God and His glory.  It is about obedience to Him and stepping out in faith, absolutely blind faith!!

 We don't have all the money for this adoption and we don't have a clue about raising a child with special needs.  But I do know the God I serve and He has asked us to step out and GO!  Do I get scared sometimes, oh yeah you bet.  But I believe that if my God can create the heavens and the earth by just speaking it then He WILL give us the ability to parent this very special child.

 How can I question and put my human limits on an almighty powerful God?  His power is made perfect in our weakness and He will equip us with everything we need.  Because all things are possible with Him and this is about His glory being revealed in our hearts, in our lives, in this family, in this child, and in our church and community.  So if I question my God about what I can't see then where is my faith, that doesn't sit well with me.   So we GO!


  1. Love the layout of your blog Danielle and I'm excited for some time on Wed night!

  2. LOVE it (the day) ... LOVE our children (Sergey too) ... LOVE you (goes without saying, just saying) ... LOVE our life (and what's to come) ... LOVE the LORD (because He first loved us)!

    Mr. BooFace
    P.S. Probably my favorite post
    (less the pic w/ my "gut" in the shot)

  3. I can without a doubt tell you God will give you everything you need for raising a child with special needs. You trust Him and He just tells you what you need to know. Just don't be surprised if people look at you with 14 heads because they doubt God is giving you this knowledge and that you're making it up. (((Hugs)))

  4. Oh to read what you say is such a blessing and encouragement to me my dear daughter. I am so proud of you! Our God is an awesome God and I can't wait to see what He does in all of this. Ash you look Great and Danielle you are Beautiful along with the kids. I'm praying someone is loving on little Sergey as well!

  5. What can I say...Ash & Danielle you have blessed me so much, my cup runneth over! Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!


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