Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ruffles and Rust Show!!

Today was the day! It was a lot of fun, not as crazy as The Farm Chicks but still pretty tight in the booths. Found some new shops to add to my favorites list and visited one I have been looking forward to,My Sweet Savannah's booth. I was so excited I even shamed myself to ask her(Melaine Thompson) for a picture. She was so sweet and down to earth, she looks beautiful. I on the other hand do not, we got drenched on our way in so my hair is completely flat. Here's what I ended up with today, not a bad haul. .
*Home down feather burlap pillow
*Old bucket with coleus cabbage(I think that's what it's called).
*Tag with a birds' nest stamped on it with a little glitter
*Vintage paper shredded(I thought it would look cool as a filler for gifts or this...
*Vintage bingo cards
*1 yard of Burlap ( I have a couple ideas for this) to be continued...

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