Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love kid art, it's the best kind! I love bringing out the kid's art from years past and adding it to our seasonal decor. And this year has been the best so far, the kids have some really crafty teachers this year.
Tatum made this adorable scarecrow and pumpkin lantern, it even has a battery operated light in it that flickers. That's a pretty awesome teacher to add those little details, I'm big on details:)

And here's Madi's cute little bat and owl.

I found some pretty cool Halloween crafts over at Better Homes and Gardens website, definitely my style.

Mini white pumpkins and pistachios glued to a wreath form.

You can download the template for these off the website, I don't have ink in my printer otherwise I would have these already. Maybe next year.

These are so easy to make, you just dip pretzel sticks halfway in white chocolate and add an almond sliver to the top. You can cut one of your husbands shirt sleeves (with his permission of course) and wrap it around a jar. Super cute!

Happy Halloween!

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