Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well it looks like things are going to take a little longer with that surprise I told you about. Actually, the kids already know about it because it was just too big to keep hidden. Here's a little sneak peek!
It's actually almost completely done, but Ash can't put it all together until he is able to level the backyard. So things are at a stand still for now, but the kids are super excited and play on what's already put together, which is a playhouse and slide for right now. Pretty soon it will have swings and monkey bars for all our little monkeys. Thank you Grandma Anna for your help in getting the playset, the kids thank you too. You don't see Ainsley in the picture above, because she was sacked out on the couch.Look at that hair!
I also have to share something I got in the mail the other day!
For those of you who didn't know we decided on the name Sadie Lynn.
And just a few other pics of the kids that I thought I'd share.

Ainsley playing dress up

Madi, she looks so grown up in this pic


Ainsley, eating a cupcake of course!

Silly Prestin, safety first.

And I don't know where Avery was when I was taking these pictures, so you'll just have to scroll up to see her. Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Your girls are looking so grown up! It's crazy to think you have been in Washington for 2 years already!

  2. Tatum looks sooo old! Your family is so cute. I'm sure the kids will just love the play set. At church the other day Tatum was non-stop on the monkey bars!

    See you tonight!

  3. So cute Danielle. I LOVE the cupcake name plaque. How about another belly pic?

  4. Wow! So Iwas scrolling through the pics and was like, Awe there's Avery, Ainsley, Madi, Danielle......Wait! That was Tatum. Holy cow! She is such a mini you! How fun! A play set! I can't wait to come up again so I can play on it!



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