Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Shower Pics!

So on Friday my friend Jennifer hosted a baby shower for me at her house, it was so awesome. Quite the turnout, I felt incredibly blessed and supported by all the women of our church. As we build more and more relationships here it is definitely getting harder to want to leave. It was an awesome night, full of yummy food, friends and a ton of PINK!!! Get ready for picture overload.

Me and Jen

Me an Alyssa

Me and Connie(horrible picture of me I might add)

Connie and Caitria

Vil and Leslie

Alyssa and Jen

Alyssa, Jen and Michelle

Me and Shelby

Me and Beth

Leslie and Sandy

Naomi and Kayla

Ahhh! That feels good!

This has got to be the yummiest picture of Faith!

Sweet Grace

Precious Landon

Caleb sneaking an eggroll, I don't blame him they're good!

Everything was awesome, I seriously am getting hungry thinking about all the good food that was there. Everybody did an awesome job, gotta love those Baptist women!

Alyssa did a great job planning games, they were so much fun! Here's Molly diapering a baby doll under 30 seconds with her eyes closed. Too funny!


Everyone was so generous, it was such a blessing. I had gotten rid of pretty much everything after Ainsley, thinking we were done having children. So this was HUGE to us.
Just some of the things I got, I won't post all of them or we'd be here all day!
Cute bibs, one with a cute cupcake on it. Gotta love the face I'm

Sweet little books, I love children's books!
We got a ton of sweet outfits as well as other precious items that are going to be so much fun to use with our new baby girl! There were a ton of people that I didn't get pics of who were there, they mean very much to me though and I appreciate all of your generosity. And thank you to everyone who brought food and had a part in this shower. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!

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  1. It's so nice to see you with so many good friends. Wish I could have been there. I miss you so much!
    Love you!
    Mom (Renee)


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