Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Sweetness!

So I've picked up a few things throughout the last couple of months for Little Miss Sadie, and here's just a couple onesies that I thought were super sweet! I love Carter's baby clothes. Sorry the lighting wasn't that great.I was thinking these little clips would go pretty well with them, they're from etsy. Hi, my name is Danielle Farley and I am addicted to Etsy.

Also very sweet, Madi and her best friend Leslie at the softball game last night. They were covered, head to toe in dirt.

Ainsley snuck in at the last moment.


  1. You must be so excited to add to your family! We are thrilled for you.

  2. I can't wait to have girls so I can buy clippies!!! So cute and I love the clothing!

  3. Your family is so sweet! I always loved dressing baby girls, too. I usually buy my fondant at my local cake supply store, and I use Satin Ice. It has a really good taste, and most people seem to like it. I just prefer using fondant- it looks prettier! There are a lot of great tutorials on YouTube also. Good luck! I see you have a big family- I think that's great! We are thinking about #4...


Always happy to hear from you!

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