Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet things on the brain

I don't know if it's the extra estrogen coursing through my body right now or what, but I have to say that anything sweet or pink is on my brain right now. I have to share because I can't keep it to myself, these things are just too cute. First of all cake decorating has always been something I have wanted to do. There are classes you can take at Michael's, but I have always either just had a baby or like this last time the classes fell on Wednesday's and would have interfered with church. So anyways last night I stumbled on to this lady who lives in Australia that makes these beautiful cupcakes and cookies that are almost to pretty to eat. I think that she used fondant to decorate them with, which I've heard isn't very tasty but makes them look really pretty. I got a recipe from a lady for marshmallow fondant, that the maker says is really delicious and gives the same look so I'll have to try it out. I definitely want to try the ones with the cherries on top.

The next one is this cake from I think it's called the Cake Journal, I'll have to look it up again, but isn't it amazing?
I don't remember where I saw these, I've had them saved in my favorites for a long time though. I love snowmen, that's all I decorate with at Christmas time!

So are you sick of all the sweetness yet? Well too bad because there's more. When you were a little girl didn't you wish you had a playhouse. Just look at these, I can't decide which one I love more. This first one is at www.restyledhome.blogspot.com, there are a ton of pictures of the inside, it's so sweet. Maybe Ash will make me one some day, I mean the girls.hee hee
This next one is from www.turkeyfeathers.typepad.comIf you go to this blog there is a link to her daughter's etsy shop. You have to look at the amazing things this teenage girl makes. Here's just a sample of the clay edibles she makes for dollhouses

This is her little dollhouse bakeryAnd a sneak peek inside, she decorates it for all seasons and holidays.
This is what I've been eyeing for the girls for Christmas. It's from Potterybarn Kids, it's a little pricey but x 5 girls it actually isn't too bad. I'll gladly accept donations(ha ha), no seriously!And some pretty play food made out of felt from PBK and etsy.
This cute necklace is from etsy, it's kind of silly and not Premier Designs jewelry I know, but totally me. I love it!
Pictures of my dream retro fridge called Big Chill. Which I won't be able to have until all my children have moved out, because it's too small for our large family. They come in a ton of colors, like PINK and RED!! I think this would be a fun idea to do in my kitchen some day, to make it look like a candy shop. Look at this cute little punch from Martha Stewart Crafts.Speaking of cupcakes, yet again! Look what I got in the mail from my MIL the other day these sweet little note cards, totally unexpected! I love getting things in the mail, thanks Anna I love them!So anyways I know that was a lot, but I needed to get it out of my head. I'll just leave you with one more pic, one thing I was excited about when moving to Washington was to have a beautiful garden. Cottage gardens are my favorite, they give you that feeling of being in a secret garden. The "Secret Garden" being one of my favorite books growing up by the way. They just seem kind of enchanting, well any ways I found this picture and thought wouldn't that be awesome if this was what you had to walk through to get to your front door. Oh Sigh! Seriously, picket fences and roses what better combination is there? Well there is peanut butter and chocolate.


  1. I loved this post!!! Now I want CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for your compliments- I loved this post! Cake journal is one of my favs... To answer your question, yes I did take a class at our local party supply store, but mostly I get inspiration from ideas on the web. I love to do it, and it has turned into something bigger than I ever imagined! Good luck with your family, and thanks again for looking at my site! Aly :)


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