Saturday, November 5, 2011

One less

5.  Today I am grateful that there is one less orphan in the world...Praise Jesus!!!  My friend Anna and her husband are the proud parents to sweet Blake!  Congratulations you guys!!


  1. LOVE this post! Such great news.

  2. I think it is appalling to try to pawn off the purchase of a kid on others ... And to celebrate others for doing so too!! Ever heard of corruption in international adoption? That $$$$$$ fuels it?? That maybe the whole "ends justifies the means" because it gets the kid out fuels it?

    PS RR family that MURDERED a sweet helpless DS orphan about a month after bringing the little sweetie home:

    2PS this RR family wAs the "forever family" for a little DS orphan for less than 6 months before disrupting!!

  3. Roxy James~ First off we are not purchasing a child, any monies in our mind is for the legalities of it...our child is priceless. Second, we are not pawning anything off on anyone rather inviting others to be apart of this addition of another child into our family. To the first link you provided, it was not the family that murdered this child but the mother. Yes the murder was and is very sad and unfortunate but that doesn't mean that every adoption will end that way. And the second link you provided which you intended to use to mock me has only encouraged me more that we are on the right path. God's hand was all over that post and even in the ending it showed His sovereignty. It sounds to me that you have an issue with RR, when they are not to blame. It is not their job to weed these people out is up to the Social Workers, Agencies and Judges. RR is just a placement agency. And unfortunately the first family was obviously not honest with these people, you cannot blame RR for that. And also since this is the second time you have left a negative comment it sounds like you are one of the people Autumn is talking about in that post when she wrote "because believe it or not there are people out there who prey on families going through a hard time after an international adoption". And in this case during! Obviously there are always two sides to every story and I will leave your comment up so that people can be educated on both sides and make up their own mind. But I will say that if your effort is to try and deter us from moving forward that you have failed. It is not an option for us to stand by and do nothing when we know what happens to these children if they are not adopted, it goes against what we believe God says. I understand that we may never agree, so I would encourage you to stop visiting my blog if you do not like what you see or read.

  4. Danielle, your Sergey is sooo cute!! What a sweetie! I'm visiting from Adeye's blog. I'm excited to follow along as the rest of your journey unfolds.

    Please don't be discouraged by people who don't understand what God has called us to do. We are not meant to be in this alone. It is part of God's plan that His people band together financially and spiritually to help those who don't yet have a voice.

    God bless you and your beautiful family!!

  5. It is too bad that some people don't realize the desperate lives these children are destined to and therefore accuse and belittle those doing their best to offer them a happy family and a chance at a wonderful life. Praying that somehow their eyes will be opened and they will release the bitterness and anger in their hearts before it destroys them and hurts others. If God is for us who can stand against us...we know His heart if for the orphan and the widow and He has a plan to give them a future and a hope! Blessings as you continue in His work! Can't wait to see pictures of you with your beautiful son!

  6. Roxy~ As Danielle's sister and future aunt of our new adopted nephew, I will give you these words of "encouragement." "And if Our God is for us, then who could ever stop us
    And if our God is with us, then what can stand against?" God already has the victory for these children. Your efforts are honorable when it comes to protecting their well-being, but they do not apply with this particular family. The only thing you have done is fueled our fire to bring Sergey home, so I thank you for that. My sister has much more grace and strength than I do. You should thank God for allowing your paths to cross. She is a warrior and her life will change yours. So be ready for God to do great and wonderous things in your life.

    Erin Willoby

  7. It's a good thing we have God on our side. Sergey is too cute! God Bless.

  8. Danielle, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with such comments. Your son is so precious and I cannot wait to see him at home with you. Lots of love for you and your family.


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