Saturday, July 12, 2008

Farm living is the life for me

So I wanted to post about some things that happend a couple weeks back. My dream would be to have some land some day where I can have some animals and a big garden for vegetables and flowers. But until then I get to go to my friend Connie's house and play. Here are some pics of their place, we always have a blast when we go over there.
Here we are getting ready to roast marshmallows.

Ainsley likes to talk to their turkeys and makes almost the exact same sound that they make.
This is their beautiful horse TuckerTheir beef cowsTheir cute little rabbitsChickens in the chicken coopThe barn/shed

The fryers, these ones they raise for foodTheir gardenTheir pond, isn't it picturesque?Here's everyone playing with the cowsSo even though I don't have my own farm, yet. I am working with what I've got. This is my first little crop of strawberriesthey were delicious, I think everything tastes better when you grow it yourself. And I got my first farm animal, actually it's a dwarf rabbit, but shouldn't it count since it's outside? I think so anyways.It's name is Prairie, because it reminded me of a prairie dog. I went to a garage sale the other day and saw this cage with a sign that read free rabbit, after talking to the owner he said they just had too many animals and it wasn't getting enough attention. I was so excited so I brought it home. They didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, but I think the name fits either way. It really seems to like TylerPrairie came with a free cage, but I wanted to keep it off the ground because of Zippie. So I looked online at some of the pet stores for rabbit hutches and was disappointed to find out that they were really expensive. So my amazing husband and brother surprised me and built me one. The hutches that I was looking at ranged from $150.00 to $300.00. They did it for $40.00 and it is awesome.I am so impressed with them that they built this in one day and never have made one before. It is really big and it has a ramp that leads to a room that has hay where the bunny can burrow. I love it so much! I still need to paint it or stain it I haven't decided yet. I have to find some that will be rabbit friendly,so I'll post pictures when it's finished. But isn't it awesome! Prairie loves her/his new homeAnother thing we did here on The Farley Farm(oh doesn't that sound so cute?)is we bought this butterfly tree house from Target. You send for your caterpillars and then when they turn into chrysalids you put them into the bug house. When they come out you put flowers with sugar water on them inside. You keep them for about two days and then set them free. We had five Painted Ladies and they were beautifulSo just wanted to catch up a bit, but believe me I have plenty more to share.

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  1. Danielle! You are so beautiful! I am glad to see you in some pictures! Tyler and Ash! Wow! Great job on that bunny box! I am really impressed! All of the outfits looked really cute on everyone. Do you have a pic with all of them together? If so I would love to have a copy. All of the pictures look like everyone is having a blast! Love seeing new stuff! TTYS!

    Love, Erin and Stephen!


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