Monday, July 28, 2008


This is my sister Erin and her husband Stephen, for those of you who don't know their story here's a quick blip. They met in the Air Force, both were involved in EOD training(these are the guys and gals that get rid of roadside bombs) it's a very dangerous job! They were married while stationed in Guam. Stephen went to Iraq for six months and in that time diffused many bombs and in turn saved many lives, yes my friends you are looking at a real life war hero. He returned safely but while on vacation was injured in a diving accident that left him paralyzed. He has made excellent progress and amazes doctors as well as everyone around him. Which brings me to the reason I'm writing this, he was retired July 25th from the Air Force, there was a ceremony held in honor of his service. One of the hard things about living away from family is not being able to participate in these kind of events but I wanted to shout it from the mountain tops about how proud and honored I am to know this guy. He will probably be a little embarrassed about this post, because he is very humble. Point being, during the ceremony friends and family found out things he had done while serving in Iraq, that he never told anyone. He has been a blessing to our family in more ways than one and I regret that I was not there in person to see him honored. We love you guys and are so proud, thank you Stephen for your service and your sacrifice to make this world a safer place to live and for us to enjoy the freedoms we tend to take for granted. Much love and Many Blessings!


  1. Wow! Thank you! We wish you guys could have been there too. We love you guys and miss you very much. We got the Live, Laugh, Love frame. IT IS AWESOME!!!!! Thank you! You are so creative. We'll be posting pics soon on Myspace, so check them out.

    The Willoby's

  2. Hello, Danielle,
    I love your blog and check it when i remember to do things that make me happy. I love Erin & Steven, too. I'm putting pictures of the family throughout the years on my facebook (Miracle Haven is my name if you look for it). Love you/Miss you - Kristi

  3. Holla my megans (seriously LOL)!!!

    I don't even know how a week went by and we have not talked but I miss you. I went grocery shopping last night; lonely. At the gym; lonely. I need an update. I have no idea what is going on at the Farley Farm. I should (underline should) be home all day tomorrow so give me a call.
    Love ya

  4. srcI want to send my thanks and register my pride for both Stephen and Erin for their service and sacrifice - hoo-yah!!

    Ron Thomas


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