Friday, February 18, 2011

I lovely love this!

So if any of you are a fan of the show Yo Gabba Gabba like our family is, I know you will appreciate this story.  One of the creators of the show has a daughter that was born with some very serious health issues and as we all know that usually comes with some pretty hefty medical bills.   Heather over at Blessed Little Nest has posted a lovely story of this family and has shown us a way that we can all help, Merilee of the Etsy shop Tuesday Morning, who created these lovely prints from the lyrics of the song above, is donating all the proceeds from these prints to the Shultz family to help cover their medical expenses.  And as a bonus when you purchase one of these Lovely Love prints she is offering you one free print of your choice.  But you need to hurry, it only lasts until this Sunday!  I just ordered this sweet print

And got this one free!

And please keep this family in your prayers:)

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  1. I just donated to you tonight after finding your blog through Meg, but then I also commented about you contacting Tuesday Mourning to see about her donating something b/c I too bought one of these prints when I found out about them! After reading more of your blog I see you knew waaaay before me. :)


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