Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Friday

Tatum took this pic of her petshop:)

                                  Pretty fruit in my new Willow House French Wired tiered stand.

 My sister sent these cute baskets the other day, I'd love some ideas on how I should use them!

And I finally added some cute files to my Willow House file organizer, Denise would be proud:)  Now it's cute and tidy.  Sorry for the fuzzy pics:(
What could be better, celebrating my precious girl's day and a giant chocolate chip cookie!  Life is good.

                                                               Happiness in the mail!


  1. Happy, happy Friday! It's good to be happy with the simple things in life. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am a fan of the "Happy Friday" posts ... and the diapers in the basket!

    Mr. BooFace

  3. Fun pictures! Happy Friday to you too.... although it is now Saturday :) looking forward to seeing you and Mr. BooFace tonight :)

  4. I hope that you have a very Happy Week!

  5. Happy, happy, happy....Your blog just makes me smile! xoxo Denise Cosgrove


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