Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a great Halloween this year! We did another B.Y.O.P. ( Bring Your Own Pumpkin) party and it was a huge success. We went to "Trunk or Treat" at our church again this year and had a blast! The kids have so much candy, it will last them until Summer. I am also adding some pics I've already posted for a linky party. Enjoy the pics!

White chocolate covered pretzel rods and almond slivers is what made up these creepy fingers. Ash suggested making lines in the chocolate to make knuckles, totally made them more realistic. They were super easy to make and delicious! Ash let me cut up an old shirt of his and I found that wine glasses are the easiest to use when trying to button the cuff, then I just taped the excess material to the bottom.
I also made chocolate covered apples drizzled with caramel, super easy to make as well.
You just melon ball apples( Thank you Ash:) insert a lollipop stick and cover in chocolate. Then when they are dry drizzle caramel over them. And yummy pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, you can get the recipe here.

We set up the carving station in the garage.

Cute kiddos:)
Avery with her butterfly pumpkin.
Sadie our little monster.
Sweet Little Lucy, our friends' daughter.
The lineup, from left to right, a wolf howling at the moon, ghost, butterfly, sideways bats and the one on the end is Prestin's. It says #1 Dad.
Ash made this one, it say's The Farley's.

Trunk or Treat
Our family, princesses, Bumble bee transformer and a pumpkin.

These are pics of our church family, awesome people and awesome costumes!



  1. Sadie's little button nose cracks me up :D Good times!

    Mr. Booface

  2. Linked over from cottage and vine. Your party certainly looks like fun. I enjoyed looking at your decorations too, I was especially inspired by your book page pumpkin. Enjoyed reading about your latest project, and would love your thoughts on mine.

  3. How fun! You have so many great ideas! I love that you used the sleeves to hold the "finger food". So glad you could join the party Farley!



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