Monday, March 22, 2010

Madi and Leslie's 4th birthday party

So I've been completely consumed with planning Madi's birthday party and preparing for our trip to AZ. My friend Vil and I, decided to combine Madi and Leslie's parties, Madi and Leslie are best friends and their birthday's are only a week and a half apart so it just made sense. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work. I grew closer in my friendship with Vil and her sister Leslie, also a very good friend, and have enjoyed every second I've spent with them. We did a candy themed party and I think it turned out pretty cute! Here's some pics, let me know what you think:)

The cupcake cake, so cute!

The Candy table, Vil and Leslie decorated the candy shaped cookies, they turned out so cute.

Yummy food, thanks Deng and Leslie!

Good friends/family:)

Me and Vil

Me and Mr. Boo Face

Vil and Walter

Bouncy House, too funny not to post.

Making their wishes


Bubble gum blowing contest, the winner got a Candy Land game. There was lots of drooling.

Now that it's all over I can focus on getting ready for our trip, packing is definitely not as much fun as planning a party. But I'm looking forward to getting on the road, so Grandma's and Grandpa's get ready to spoil some pretty special kids that have missed you a bunch. I made the mistake of telling them too early about the trip so it's been a constant question everyday "When are we leaving?". Ugh! I've learned my lesson for next time:) Can't wait to see everyone as well as Sonic and Macayo's, it's been far too long.


  1. the party was fun and very cute! You two did a great job. Have a great time with your family!

  2. The pictures are so fun! I love the decorations!!! The candy containers, the cupcakes, the cookies oh my!!!

    Love you - miss you - you are such a party planner.. I love it :)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the party (and all the pre-party prep time) and then promptly crashed after clean up was done. Make a note now that if I ever marry and bear children, you and Vil are on the top of the list for helping!



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