Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Letting Go

Thank you for all your encouraging comments! And to let anyone know that if you're sick of my ramblings to stop reading now, because I have more:) God has definitely been revealing Himself to me a lot lately, and it's been simply mind blowing! And quite frankly, humbling because of how simple it all is, it just takes a while for me to get it. I have often prayed that the Lord would give me an answer as bold and bright as a neon sign or I am going to miss it completely:) And He has, not with bright lights but through His living Word.

Lately, I have been going crazy, not the bad crazy, the normal crazy if that makes any sense:) See what I told you, I'm kind of loony. As women we deal with so much hormonally, ugh! I hate that word, but honestly that's a lot of what I've been dealing with. Having babies so close together, nursing, and just not giving my body the time it needs to recover has taken a toll on me. And I am feeling it!

I have prayed this prayer off and on that the Lord would develop a higher level of discernment in me and help me to know the truth so well that I can quickly recognize the most finely crafted lie.

And ladies if you're like me when our hormones are out of whack our thoughts are not always rational. So today as I battled with all these thoughts going on in my head, and me trying to make sense of it all, while desperately trying not to act on every single emotion I am feeling, and trying to figure out which ones were reality and which ones were just me being overly sensitive. It came to me like a neon sign so to speak, He had answered my above prayer, I was discerning! Which of my thoughts were true and which were lies I had made up in my head. I can remember a time, sadly as early as last week, when I would have just buried these lies that I believed as truth down deep, and then would later surface and rear their ugly heads later on. Ahhhhhhhh, and just having this revelation of letting go of all my cares, frustrations, emotions and worries gave me this visual of myself carrying heavy buckets of water on my shoulders, and as I gave all my cares to God, I could feel the heaviness of their weight dropping to the ground. And instantly I felt relief and a lightness I have not felt for a really long time. So right then and there I thanked Him for constantly being so faithful to me when I am not always so faithful to Him. But He wasn't finished with me just yet. I opened my Bible to the Psalms where I have been reading lately and He showed me a verse I have probably read a hundred times but never had quite the same meaning as it did today.

"Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall." Psalms 55:22

Okay Lord I get it, He can be so pushy some times:) In my Bible I have on the side of the page extra comments on some of the verses and this is what it said..

Letting Go - Psalms 55:22

David brings his concerns and fears to God, asking Him to take over and take care of the problems he's facing. He knows he can trust God with the outcome. God has proven Himself before and will do so again.(Psalm 55:16-17)
Much of the time, what we care about is not entirely within our control. We can't dictate the results of our best efforts; we can't force our hopes to materialize; and we definitely can't make someone we love healthy and happy by the sheer force of our will. When we try to control outcomes, we carry a burden too heavy for human shoulders to bear. What a relief it is to finally let go, to heave our heavy burden onto the strong back of the Lord. He promises to sustain our hearts and MINDS with His peace (Php 4:6-7). And no matter what He chooses to do with what concerns us, we have the assurance that His decisions are guided by His love for us(1Pe 5:7).

So basically what I said but way less hormonal,ha ha. Again I thanked Him and as I was shutting my Bible a piece of paper fell out with a quote I had written down a while back.

"Even though I may forget the prayers I've prayed to God, He never forgets a single thing I ask. He treasures every little prayer I've ever prayed and is still weaving fulfillment's. It's a concept almost beyond comprehension; there must be answered prayers most days that I never even recognize as such."
"Red Moon Rising" by Pete Greig(I may need to check the spelling on his name again)

Gezie Pete! I get it, I get it! Note to self: Be careful what you pray for:) So I got the big neon sign I had asked for and I am truly thankful for it, so please pray for me, I need it I'm crazy remember:) And also because I need to go and apologize to my hubby for being a cranky wife. Pray for him to, he's gonna need it:) Now on a lighter note is she not the cutest thing EVER!


  1. Danielle, I feel as though what you've written was written just for me! I've been doing a lot of letting go myself (or trying) and your scriptures and quotes were just what I needed!

    And yes, she is just abuot the cutest thing ever! All your kids are!

  2. Danielle, "If I knew then what I know now, when I was younger," (Rod Stewart)profound statement from a has been. But it makes sense. You are a beautiful person who brings great joy to your mom-in-law! I love you and yes that Sadie is a doll with a smile of an angel.(Anna)

  3. Danielle, thank you for sharing your heart and the wonderful things you have learned from the Lord. I read several of your posts and was blessed. I can relate to the stares and comments when all of your children are with you. I wouldn't change a thing and I know God was the one who planned this life for us and for you and Ash.

  4. I am sorry for not reading this sooner. I miss you guys terribly already! It is true, we do forget what we have prayed for in the past. Today holds a lot of answers to many prayers we have prayed in the past that were so pressing and important at the time. Not that they aren't anymore, but new things come up and the most pressing becomes the priority. Thank you for reminding me that they are still important to Him, regardless of when we asked. It is also comforting to know that He is constantly working behind the scenes. We may not see the process, but I pray that we will not miss the results. So many times I have realized that my prayer was answered and I missed it because of all that is going on around me at that time. Thank you God for ALL of our answered prayers and please help us to see them like the neon sign so that we may praise you and thank you then and there!

    All of your presence is now silence and it saddens both of us. We are now on a mission to get some things accomplished so we can see you guys more often. We love you and are so blessed to have had such a wonderful time with all of you! Thank you!!!!! Prestin you were such a good helper, Tatum, Mouse misses you, Avery thank you for the beautiful art, Madi thank you for ALL of the laughter, Ainsley thank you for the snuggles and the kisses, Sadie thanks for always coming to me, Ash thank you for being MY big brother, and DaniLou thank you for the late night talks, giggles, tears, memories, fun, I can go on and on, but I am already crying, so I love you and we will see you soon.... we have plans. Bwa haha!!! It's going on the dream board!!!!!
    Love Auntie Erin and Uncle Stephen

  5. Danielle! I look forward too and love reading your new posts in your Blog. I always comment to Ash about how much I love to read about you guys and that's because I didn't know how to respond to you but now I do (thanks Ash!). I am glad I got see you and Sadie when you were her even if it was only for a minute in the store. I was telling Ash that your posts in your blog are so inspirational to me! Especially this one, "Letting Go". I have a hard time letting things go and sometimes I think I am missing out on stuff because of it. I wish you lived here so we can talk more because you really are a gift from God and you have such a loving family. Thank you so much for your inspirational words and please keep em coming!! I hope you make it "home" to Az soon!!! Love always, Kim


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