Friday, February 26, 2010

Practice makes perfect

So my first batch of cookies didn't turn out to bad. I don't think I will use the star tip to frost the big hearts again only because it didn't look very even but Michael's didn't have the tip that I needed so I will have to wait. But the little hearts I think look adorable. I have so many ideas swimming in my head about different color combinations and sprinkles but for now I just did them really simple. And let me just say that if I didn't have carpal tunnel before, I do now. Frosting is definitely a work out for the wrists and back. And my kitchen was covered in flour and powdered sugar, when Ash came home that evening he thought that there had been smoke in the house, but it was just a powdered sugar haze in the air. I had a couple of little helpers, hence the mess:) I tried to get a sweet little pic of them but they weren't all that cooperative and in the end they turned out hysterical.

Madi cooperating, Ainsley not so much.

No Ainsley look at Mommy.

Madi relax.

Just once more I promise.
That was cute, let's try one more time and then I promise this will be the last time for sure.

Yay I got it!

When Tatum got home she wanted to try, and she did really well for her first time and only being seven. Should I be jealous?


  1. Aloha, I am so happy I dropped in to visit! Absolutely darling, cookies, girls and Mom too!
    sending Sunshine from Hawaii

  2. Danielle I love the cookies! How was Madi's birthday? So sorry I ended up not being able to come. I'm bringing her gift tomorrow to church - I really shouldn't stay in Michael's -- it's deadly!


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