Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sorry I haven't been around lately, I'm in the middle of potty training Ainsley. It's going well, but it is definitely not my favorite thing to do that's for sure. Anyone going to see New Moon this week? I know this gal is(jumping up and down and squealing) and I can't wait! I know a 29 year old mom of six is not supposed to get this excited over a teen romance book about vampires but I can't help it. See ya on Wednesday Alyssa!


  1. Hehe... who cares!! You're a Twilight Mom! Ha!

    I'm super excited and I love the Twilight cupcake.. fits you perfectly.

    One more day!

  2. This 32 year old mama of 4 loves Twilight. Its one of only a few things that my oldest and I have in common.


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