Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Much Better


After-much better

Just doing some rearranging and no I still haven't put a picture in that frame yet. And please bare with me as I'm rearranging my blog as well. Thanks!


  1. Looks great...as always. I admire your creativity.

  2. Soooo great! This is where I am gonna comment on all blogs below. Your costume was a bit too graphic, but awesome! The kids looked great in their costumes! Were there any problems? We texted you on halloween, but I am afraid u didn't receive them. We miss you and wish we could've gone to the trunk or treat with you. What was Ash for Halloween? The mantel looks great! Good job on being the perfect mom! Growing pumpkins, laughing and disciplining your kids at the same time, decorating, and while looking great doing it. Love you and hope we can see eachother sooner than later. It really hurts to think it might be later. Hug those funny kids of yours and tell Madi that God just built her a Chuck E Cheese in Heaven.
    Love Auntie and Uncle Willoby


Always happy to hear from you!

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