Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Princess of the Potty

She'll hate me later for putting these pics up.

Well I'm all done potty training Ainsley. She's actually been done for awhile and has been doing great. She caught on quickly and is very proud of herself as am I. She was sick today, while we were waiting for the kids to get out of school she threw up all over herself. Luckily it was mainly contained to her and her car seat. Let me tell you what a joy it is to clean up a car seat full of puke. I have noticed that this blog is full of my kids bodily fluids, sorry:) So any who Sadie is quite the chunk and I know I need to put more pics of her on here. I'll have to do a whole Sadie post next time. She is over 15 lbs. now and has two teeth on the bottom. She is rapidly losing all her hair, I knew she would. We are all doing well, and despite today's little mishap we are all in good health. It's supposed to snow on Saturday, yuck! But the kids are excited, I think I'm going to hibernate this winter. We've been getting ready for Christmas, we decorated the tree and that's pretty much all the decorating we've done this year. We had a very nice Thanksgiving, we went to our Pastor's house Thanksgiving day and then to Connie and Shane's the day after. All in all a very nice Thanksgiving shared with people we love and who love us back. I thank God that He provided such wonderful friends for us here that have turned into family. I love how He takes care of all the details, we just need to sit back and wait on Him.

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  1. I think getting potty-trained is a great event to celebrate! Danielle, you are the Queen of potty-training. Big round of kisses to all. Also, Prestin is a most wonderful big brother! Looking forward to more pics of Sadie. Love, Grandma


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