Thursday, May 7, 2009

So I know I need to post some pics of the front yard, but there is just one more thing that needs to be finished and then I will be able to take pics of the finished product. But I thought I would post some pics of the kids enjoying the sunshine!Here's a little sneak peek of some of the flowers Ash planted. Ainsley loves to smell them.It was a perfect day to play in the sprinklers.This is my contribution to the front yard since I couldn't really help Ash, aren't they pretty?
Ainsley smelling the flowers.I know, I know that's a lot of pics of her smelling flowers, but I have to do it for the grandma's and plus I couldn't decide which were my favorite.

This is our cat, Pepper hamming it up for the camera. Seriously, I started taking her picture and she got up and started rolling back and forth as if she was posing for the camera.

Our church has recently started up a softball team, which Ash has joined. Here he is #67
It was a lot of fun to watch, but the weather was miserable. It was cold and rainy, then it stopped and the wind started to blow. Miraculously, none of us are sick, but since we are such die hard LCBC(Lake Country Baptist Church) fans we will tough it out no matter what!lolThis has to be my favorite pic of all.

Ainsley being silly.

Madi and her styrophome cup tiara.
So more to come and to my friend Alyssa your tulips are beautiful!! Ahh, it's finally starting to feel like spring, YEAH!


  1. I was thinking you should start posting cute crafty ideas that you always create or get inspirations from. Too fun.
    And where are the prego pics??? I nominate you to post some pictures of your belly.
    Even though we live like a mile away, its nice to see photographs of pregnant mamas.

  2. Oh and I LOVE what you have done with the flowers by your front door. And Ainsley smelling them, adorable.
    Love ya.

  3. Danielle, I love the new blog look. Cute pics of the Farley clan. I miss you guys so much. I thoroughly enjoyed our phone conversation the other night. I want to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day and I am thankful that you are MY daughter-in-law! I pray for you daily and sometimes more .God Bless you, Love Anna

  4. Adorable photos...and I love your flowers!

  5. These are great pics! I love the polka dot hat on Ainsley and her little barrette! Very cute! All of the girl's bathing suits are adorable. Was Prestin at school? I agree about the prego belly. :) Miss you guys! Check out my myspace cause I am posting "Before" pics of the house and some "After"pics. Let me know what you think. Love you!

  6. I forgot to put my name. Hehe! It was ME!


  7. No, Prestin was at a friend's house and the girl's wanted something fun to do as well so I got the sprinklers out. A little fun and I watered the grass too. I'm very good at multi-tasking.hee hee


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